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Pure Air, the Latest Advancement in Skincare

Published June 23, 2021
Published June 23, 2021
Sunny Ng via Unsplash

The anti-pollution trend isn't completely new. The environmental issue manifested itself into a niche product category, but COVID-19 may have accelerated its growth. Unlike eco-friendly consumption, which is optional, "green survival" is seen as compulsory, with environmental issues making people more environment-conscious out of necessity.

The pollution problem is not only a health issue; there is research that substantiates that toxins also create environmental stressors on the skin—irritation, inflammation, and premature aging. The global anti-pollution skincare products market size was estimated at $9.07 billion in 2018 and is likely to expand further at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2019 to 2025. Anti-pollution is a well-established category in Asia, but the confluence of rising pollution levels and consumers' growing concern for overall health are propelling anti-pollution beauty from a trend to a category in its own right globally.

Skin Authority, a leader in health-inspired product innovations and treatments, continues to revolutionize the industry with the launch of the first-of-its-kind Air Beautification filtration in its FDA-approved level II Defender Pro medical-grade device.

"We are just starting to understand the health risks and skin damage from indoor pollution."
By Celeste Hilling, Founder, Skin Authority

The market for air purifiers is primarily driven by increasing air pollution levels, coupled with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising awareness pertaining to the benefits of air purifiers. The global air purifier market size is expected to reach $22.80 billion by 2028 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 10.0% from 2021 to 2028. Air purifiers assist in eliminating various health hazards caused by poor air quality by removing contaminants, including dust, smoke, and pollen. In addition, these products aid people suffering from asthma, airborne allergies, and other respiratory conditions. Increasing health awareness among consumers is expected to drive the product demand over the forecast period, but Skin Authority sees whitespace in addressing the impact on skin health and anti-aging.

Going beyond HEPA to filter the smallest-sized toxins and pollutants found indoors, Skin Authority's Air Beautification filtration device effectively eliminates dangerous, ultra-fine (.1 microns) particles from the air to create a safe wellness-focused environment. COVID brought attention to the dangers of breathing in ultrafine virus particles in the air; however, homes and small workspaces contain millions of other particles from cleaning chemicals, fragrance, smoke from cooking oils, diffusers and candles, hairspray, and black mold.

Studies show these particles not only lead to serious diseases, but have also been linked to chronic skin health issues including acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, and dermatitis. In 2021, the International Journal of Women's Dermatology published a compilation review of global studies that substantiates "Air pollution is being shown to play an increasing causation role in our most common skin diseases. It is important for pollution to be added as a risk factor for these skin disorders, and thus we must discuss mitigating its negative affects [sic] with patients." 

Skin Authority Founder Celeste Hilling married her skincare research and development background with the design expertise of a leading, US-based industrial air filtration manufacturer to breathe Air Beautification filtration to life with the Defender Pro. "We are just starting to understand the health risks and skin damage from indoor pollution and able to lean into technology that effectively removes 99.99% of ultra-fine toxic particles found in the rooms of our homes, personal workspaces, spa rooms, hotel rooms or meeting spaces," Hilling remarks. "As we start to emerge into less restricted protocols, it's more important than ever to improve the quality of our air and minimize the risk of skin conditions in the spaces where we spend 80% of our time. We are excited to bring technology that can beautify our personal spaces while continuing to nurture the increasingly important protective barrier functions of our skin."


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