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June 7, 2018
June 7, 2018
Queen V

Lightspeed, the early-stage venture capital firm with Goop, The Honest Co., Girlboss, and Hollar in its portfolio, has invested in Queen V. The brand sold $500,000 in product during its first months in exclusive distribution at 4,000-plus Walmart doors.

WHO: Queen V was founded by Lauren Steinberg, the daughter of a gynecologist and former brand development coordinator, to create better-for-you formulas for the vulva and vagina. Their products are carefully crafted with pH levels appropriate for the vagina, which Steinberg mentions has a pH level typically ranging from 3.8 to 4.5. The brand’s 11 products are priced from $3.57, with the majority hovering at roughly $5 and divided into three purpose-driven groups: maintain, heal, and enjoy.

WHY: With the assistance of Lightspeed, Queen V is expected to enhance its direct-to-consumer business. At the moment, it’s selling online through

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Nicole Quinn, a partner at Lightspeed, told Beauty Independent, “I’ve seen a lot of other products over the years that have told us they’re good for down there. One example would be Dove. You think, ‘Oh, this has the right pH balance, and it’s soft, gentle, and sensitive.’ Then, you find out that, actually, all these products you thought were good for you and more sensitive are the wrong pH, and have been causing women to have yeast infections. It was great to find a product that was made by a woman for women. Queen V is a truly authentic brand that comes from a personal place.” She declined to disclose the amount of Lightspeed’s investment in Queen V.


  • Early-stage venture capital firm Lightspeed has invested in Queen V. Terms of the investment were not released.
  • The brand sold $500 million in sales one month after launching exclusively with Walmart. The brand continues to grow week over week at nearly 10% according to Fast Company.

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