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Rare Retail Relationship: Lush x ASOS

Published June 9, 2021
Published June 9, 2021

25-year-old Lush is notoriously limited in its distribution, rarely being found outside its branded points of sale, so their collaboration with ASOS is big news. The UK-based brand said of the relationship, "Although this is a new direction for Lush—which we will reassess after the 6 months—we remain committed to being a truly regenerative business." This shift in distribution strategy seems to be grounded in capturing new consumers, to generate more sales to make a larger impact: "If we only turn 1% of ASOS’s unique users into Lush customers, that’s hundreds of thousands of new people using our wonderful, effective Lush products with embedded values. This would enable us to further our cosmetics revolution and invest in more regenerative projects around the world, leaving more of the world lusher than we found it. "

Lush will be launching 17 Lush product kits, plus 4 shampoo bars, for sale on ASOS. To celebrate the launch, Lush also created a new bath bomb duo, which will be sold exclusively on ASOS, called White Noise and Intergalactic. The website sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories, and ships globally. This is one of the first times Lush has partnered with another company to sell its products. ASOS is reported to have over 24 million active users, compared to Lush’s 1.5 million. The selection of hero products appears to be a test of a new distribution strategy driven by Lush's founder Mark Constantine's statement, For the sake of the environment, we NEED to be number one” in the cosmetics industry. 

The relationship also appears to go beyond simply selling products, with Lush and ASOS having conversations to explore how the two companies can learn from each others’ strengths and best practices across modern slavery, animal testing, packaging, and charitable giving.

Concurrent with this announcement, Lush has relaunched their website and app with digital ethics at the core of the relaunch. Lush's Chief Digital Officer Jack Constantine said of the launch, "Everyone knows that at Lush we make products by hand, with fresh and ethically sourced ingredients, and this informs our digital products too. I’m so proud of the new platform the teams have created which showcases the best of what we can do—ethical treatment of customers’ data, created using open source technologies and providing a five-star customer experience, with a few Lush surprises along the way."


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