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Published March 12, 2021
Published March 12, 2021
via Revea

Revea, a new personalized, bespoke science and deep-tech company, received seed investment led by Waldencast Ventures.

WHO: Founded in 2020, Revea blends cutting-edge technology with decades of skincare and dermatology expertise to give the consumer the power to decode and master their skin. Using advanced diagnostics, personal analysis, and machine learning, Revea uncovers skin’s true needs and delivers individually designed treatment serums. The company has completed one of the largest skin physiology studies gathering deep scientific insights, understanding, and data to create groundbreaking precision skincare products tuned to each individual’s skin biology.

The company’s first precision skincare studio opens with a private launch in San Francisco at 2167 Union St. in April. Select individuals will have early access to experience firsthand bespoke skincare reimagined. Using technology found in satellite imaging and research hospitals, the Revea experience begins with an in-depth analysis of the skin, from the surface to deep dermal layers, to understand the root cause of skin concerns. A personal bio associate guides the client through the analysis and then helps decode the skin. Based on individual needs, Revea’s formulation chemist custom designs a treatment, selecting each ingredient to target the root cause in order to work optimally with skin phenotype. A made-to-measure treatment regimen is delivered to the client in 48 hours.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “I’m honored to have a future thinking set of investors who share our vision,” said Chaz Giles, founder and Chief Executive Officer. “I am excited and impatient to launch Revea and shift skincare from trial and error to personalized, bespoke skincare that is rooted in integrity, crafted precisely for each individual and never defined by a stereotype.”

“The move to personalization in the industry is clear, but our interest in the territory has been limited as the offerings were superficial and ignored the human experience reducing it to cold algorithms. We were excited to lead the investment in Revea because the team truly understand the consumer and had the technology to provide real improved product performance and skin benefits, not just hype,” said Michel Brousset, co-founder & CEO Waldencast.

“We’re delighted to support Revea as they break new ground in truly personalized skincare. We invest in the science of health and happiness and think Revea’s technology could revolutionize the way we think about skincare,” said Holly Jacobus, Joyance Partners.


  • Revea closed a seed funding round led by Waldencast Ventures joined by Precursor Ventures, Joyance Partners, Ignite Ventures, and several angels.
  • Precision skincare company Revea was founded by a team from diverse disciplines including beauty experts from Estée Lauder (a former Head of Innovation and a former VP R&D Europe), a LEO Pharma chief data scientist, and a UX researcher.
  • Revea will use the financing to open the San Francisco studio, extend their bioinformatics platform, and democratize the technology-to-home experience with precision skincare direct-to-consumer launching in Fall 2021.

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