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Published April 20, 2017
Published April 20, 2017

Clinique La Prairie, the world’s most exclusive clinic and one of the most iconic Swiss brands, has for 85 years been at the forefront of clinical research on aging, and treatments in rejuvenation, health, and beauty. Truly a pioneer in its field, Clinique La Prairie combines medical excellence and high-end technology, all in one stunning resort in the beautiful Swiss town of Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Following a period of management errors and significant leadership and staff turnover in 2013, their newly appointed CEO, Simone Gibertoni, is now infusing fresh air and serenity back into the clinic. Before joining Clinique La Prairie, Gibertoni was Managing Director of CRB, global leader in high-performance skincare, and Senior VP Skin Care of Intercos Group, where he contributed to some of the most successful launches in skincare in recent years. With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, he is regularly interviewed on skincare, strategy, and organizational management.

Gibertoni clearly understands that luxury no longer lies in material possessions, but rather in unique, extraordinary, and unforgettable experiences, and that Clinique La Prairie is well positioned to cater to an ethos of “Health is wealth.” Clients come to a medical spa with specific needs and expect visible results. Today his mission is to grow the Clinique La Prairie brand, its philosophy, and revolutionary approach worldwide, and expand their reach overseas.

Targeting primarily the Ultra High Net Worth Individual, a potential customer base of under 200,000 people worldwide, their number is growing by approximately 4% annually. With the medical spa segment valued today between $6 and $8 billion per year, and an estimated market potential of $9.6 billion by the year 2020, their growth potential is palpable.

Quick Facts:

  • Refurbished in 2013 and reopened in 2014
  • Spa Size: 1,600 sq m
  • Treatment Rooms: 18
  • Beauty Brand: Swiss Perfection (Laboratoires La Prairie skincare line having been sold off to Beiersdorf in 1991)
  • Staff: 300 across Clinique La Prairie as a whole
  • Best for: Anti-aging, beauty, Weight loss, detox

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