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Scentmate: Firmenich Introduces AI-Enabled Platform

Published June 21, 2021
Published June 21, 2021
Vero Photoart via Unsplash

Firmenich joins the ranks of fragrance houses launching AI-enabled solutions. Scentmate is an AI-enabled platform that streamlines and simplifies co-creation to deliver winning fragrance solutions for entrepreneurs and independent brands. The platform gives immediate access to scents, making dedicated perfumers and experts available throughout the entire journey.

“As creators of positive emotions and the industry’s innovation champion for over 125 years, our mission is to bring high-quality fragrances to every consumer,” said Ilaria Resta, President Global Perfumery, Firmenich. “Today, we are very excited to launch the first game-changing fragrance solution tailor-made for entrepreneurs and independent brands. We went from conception to execution in less than one year—leveraging Firmenich’s best capabilities, including over 50 years of fragrance data, to revolutionize the way to scent.”

Scentmate reinvents the traditional way of creating fragrances to offer full access to creativity, expertise, and resources. The simple, digital briefing process allows customers to define all relevant parameters. Scentmate then recommends the best perfumer-curated fragrance solutions, shortening into minutes a process that previously took weeks.

Alfonso Alvarez-Prieto, Scentmate General Manager, added, “Scentmate allows customers to match their creative ideas with the ideal, winning fragrance. We offer an intelligent, user-friendly platform, bolstered by human creation, to easily co-create the perfect fragrance that will drive consumer preference, while dramatically increasing speed to the market. Behind the platform are the world’s most renowned perfumers, one of the largest fragrance-related databases of global consumer insights, and a young and dynamic team fully dedicated to this mission.”

In addition, Scentmate streamlines ordering and fulfillment to help customers simplify their supply chain: online sample requests, digital ordering, flexible quantities, and online payment. Samples arrive within 48 hours, and orders are fulfilled in under five days. Additional benefits include guidance on safety and regulatory legislation, tailored to specific categories and geographic markets. Scentmate is currently available in Europe.


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