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Seven New Sustainable Beauty Packaging Innovations

Published October 1, 2021
Published October 1, 2021
On Repeat

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the sustainability mantra—while it's easy enough to remember, it becomes more difficult in practice. Reduce is easy enough. Reuse is a nice sentiment. And Recycle—well, it is far more complicated than just disposing packaging in the correct bin.

The global cosmetic packaging market size was $30.37 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $39.32 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 4.03% during the forecast period. With the focus on sustainability gaining momentum, a brand's packaging has become a work in progress. There is no perfect sustainable packaging solution, and every business is in a different place in its quest for sustainability.

From reducing waste to increased recycling to greener manufacturing research and development in materials and manufacturing has reached a fever pitch to commercialize sustainable packaging innovation to meet the demand. Below are seven new packaging innovations worth a look.

On Repeat: Micaela Nisbet, the founder of UK-based skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals, has spun off a B2B business offering dissolvable and compostable packaging refills she developed to further reduce plastic waste for her skincare brand. The refill packs are suitable for liquids, powders, and balms, and are made using a nontoxic film that dissolves in hot water, a copostable bio-based film, and FSC-certified cardboard.

CaseMed: The VersaPad and SnapPad are revolutionary new single-use delivery systems designed with convenience, hygiene, and environmental responsibility in mind. Any liquid or powder, regardless of viscosity, can be delivered with sanitary, portable, accurate unit dosing.

WWP: The new Zero+ Packaging Collection helps promote a circular economy, reducing waste and utilizing renewable resources. Responsibly and locally sourced from farm waste which does not interrupt the food chain supply and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the material and final component.

LiquiGlide: Invented at MIT by Dave Smith and Professor Kripa Varanasi, LiquiGlide’s technology eliminates the friction between liquids and solids to allow liquids to flow with ease which can transform the way we manufacture, package, and consume viscous products. Yves Béhar, and his firm, fuseproject combined the technology with design innovation to create EveryDrop packages that create a new paradigm for sustainability and consumer experience.

FusionPKG: Refills are a sustainability solution that beauty consumers are embracing, brands are adopting, and retailers are praising. The new Repeat Collection features skincare and color packages with innovative refillable designs including a new Refillable Airless Bottle that protects and preserves even the most sensitive, clean formulas. All Repeat packages have unique functionality that allows for ease of use for the end user. The collection offers endless decoration capabilities and PCR options to meet specific sustainability goals.

Pulpac: The company now has global IP coverage of Dry Molded Fiber with 65 national granted patents and 39 patent applications to support its mission. Pulpac has pioneered the technology of cellulose molding, providing a fiber-based sustainable alternative that is a cost-competitive alternative to single-use plastics.

Emerald Brand: For more than 25 years, the company has been building tree-free technology to produce consumer packaging, food-service disposables, molded fiber, and towel and tissue products. Emerald's Tree-Free technology uses agricultural by-products including sugarcane, wheat, and other rapidly renewable materials that are traditionally disposed of, giving these materials a second life. 100% Tree-Free Paperboard is the company's fastest-growing segment.


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