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Published September 19, 2018
Published September 19, 2018
via Sio Beauty

In preparation for the Beauty & Money conference in New York, Benedict H. Auld, CEO and Founder of Lapidarius, caught up with SiO Beauty, one of the independent beauty brands hand-picked to share their business and product in a quick-fire round of presentations at Beauty & Money New York.

What is the unique value proposition your brand or product brings to the category?

We are a disruptor. There’s nothing like our patch in the anti-wrinkle category. Medical-grade silicone, reusable, backed by clinical results and supported by dermatologists. Our clinical results show great efficacy for depth and width of wrinkle, as well as skin hydration, firmness, and photographic difference. We are confident that we are making the best product in the market and we intend to make that a brand constant.

What gave rise to this innovation?

Our founder, Gigi Howard, had a specific wrinkle problem around the décolleté area when she was in her 20s. She tried everything, but to no avail—until she tried a piece of medical-grade silicone intended for scar therapy, and found it worked. From there, she put in a lot of time and found Loeb.NYC as her investor to take it to the next level—the brand was born.

What is defensible about this idea?

Our manufacturing process is proprietary—and it guarantees comfort and true, overnight efficacy. And we intend to stay leaders in this area.

What’s next for SiO?

We are constantly looking to innovate. We have launched additional applications—eyes, upper and lower lips, and hands, knees, and elbows. Hands are the first spot people look at for age, so we wanted to have a product to help women with that area. We’ve come up with a men’s line because we know that men are sneaking off to the dermatologist for injectables and not telling anyone—as that becomes more common for men to treat their visible signs of aging, we want to be there with a great product.

Who is the muse for your brand? That is, who is the consumer target that you are creating your products for?

Gigi is the founder and muse. Not only does she believe in it and wear it on a daily basis, she is 100% connected to the brand and its followers. One of Gigi’s focus areas is to engage with customers; she loves interacting with people who are into our brand.

The women who are really leaning into the brand are from a really wide age range—young as late 20s, up to 60s, and on average she’s in her 40s. She may not want to deal with the pain or high cost of injectables. Wide distribution of income.

What is your vision for the brand? Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

We’re going to be a part of everyone’s skincare routine. Period. Brush your teeth, wash your face, apply your SiO patches, moisturize around it, and there you are. Now you’re ready for bed.


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