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Skin Visualizer – Shiseido's New Touchless Tech

Published September 3, 2021
Published September 3, 2021

Shiseido introduces its first touchless over-the-counter device. Skin Visualizer is the latest consumer-facing technology that instantly measures and visualizes the current condition of beauty circulation inside the skin without any physical contact. The device measures the radiance, smoothness, and resilience of the skin.

Developed over many years of research, the device is designed to help bring beauty out from the skin's foundation rather than merely solving problems on the surface. The results enable Shiseido beauty professionals to recommend the appropriate products based on the measurements, the skin condition, and the customer's skin concerns. The Skin Visualizer is a tool enabling highly individualized information on how to best achieve healthy, vibrant skin.

A 2019 survey conducted by Shiseido revealed that people around the world describe ideal skin as "healthy vibrant skin." The Skin Visualizer measures the skin conditions that contribute to this ideal and indicates the level of each condition as part of a total Ultimate Triangle Score. The balance of the three major indicators (radiance, resilience and suppleness, and fine skin texture and smoothness of the skin) is presented in the form of a triangular graph. Data derived from a photo of the customer's skin shows the skin's level of beauty circulation.

The touchless tech was created in support of Shiseido's launch of an improved Ultimune serum focuses on the beauty circulation concept formulated with the proprietary ImuGenerationRED Technology to protect the skin's present and future condition. The thick-yet-dewy texture, the quick penetration into the skin, and the popular green floral fragrance of the original version all remain the same.


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