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Skyefox Ventures Launches One-Stop Solution for Brands Ready to Grow

Published December 13, 2022
Published December 13, 2022
Good Dye Young

The path to taking beauty brands to the next level can be challenging. Capital is readily available, but most brands don’t have the experience, resources, and bandwidth to carry out a sustainable, profitable, and long-term plan.

Beauty and technology entrepreneur Scott Gurfein wants to smooth the process with the launch of his next- generation venture growth platform called Skyefox Ventures(SFXV). He’s joined by a cadre of CPG, DTC, and omnichannel industry veterans, marketers, operators, and investors.

“We have established a playbook for a better, smarter, more streamlined way to have responsible, healthy growth,” Gurfein told BeautyMatter. “Putting all the pieces together and getting them to work is not easy, but it can be with our capabilities for brands at any stage. Betting just on luck is not a viable business model.” 

The venture already announced its first partnership with Good Dye Young (GDY), the budding haircare brand founded by Hayley Williams, lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning band Paramore and her hairstylist and makeup artist Brian O’Connor.

Gurfein’s mission is to provide an acceleration platform focused on scaling profitable revenue growth by fusing data-driven digital marketing, proprietary technology, and strategic distribution with financial and operational management.

His decades as a founder and operator in conjunction with his investor experience qualify Gurfein to deliver a synergistic path to achieve profitable scale and value growth.

“Skyfox is the materialization of my passion for finding a better, smarter way to grow value in brands and businesses in a more predictable, cost effective, and scalable way,” said Gurfein, who holds the titles of founder and Managing Director of Skyefox.

Many nascent and even developed brands hit a roadblock when it comes to capital. But that’s only one part of the equation, Gurfein explained. Experience, execution, capability, and people are also crucial. “What’s more, a business generating profitable, scalable revenue will always be valuable. Everything we do at SFXV is guided by these principles,” he added.

“We have established a playbook for a better, smarter, more streamlined way to have responsible, healthy growth.”
By Scott Gurfein, founder, Skyefox Ventures

To support its mission, SFXV built a proprietary approach to analyzing and validating a brand’s growth potential leveraging demand-side data, historical data, market data, financial analysis, and experience. Once potential is validated, SFXV engages flexibly in three ways: agency service provider, joint venture partner, or investor. With its holistic approach, Skyefox delivers a fully synergistic offering to grow businesses, including digital marketing, strategic distribution, back-office solutions, capital, and more.

GDY serves as a good case study for Skyefox’ capabilities. “Skyefox has been an instrumental partner in helping us scale and mobilize our business forward. The experience and understanding Scott’s team has brought to GDY has translated into results we couldn’t get from an agency and which doesn’t come with capital,” said Alan Kearl, President of GDY. “With Skyefox, we’ve gotten a fully integrated partner across brand, digital marketing, and operations that has enabled us to focus our resources on expanding our business.”

Gurfein is poised to leverage his experience to help other brands. “Having been a founder and investor many times over the past 20 years, I wanted to continue partnering with amazing founders and businesses. Leveraging the SFXV platform, we can materially impact success by being hands-on in a scalable way with one major criteria: We must be able to grow profitable, scalable revenue,” he concluded.


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