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Small Businesses Can Now "Pop Up" at Walmart

Published November 8, 2022
Published November 8, 2022
Popable x Walmart

Pop-up stores have become a go-to marketing strategy for brands looking to extend awareness, connect with consumers, and launch new products. Pop-up concepts come in many shapes, sizes, and locations; now Walmart is getting in the game through a strategic partnership with Popable.

The pop-up shop marketplace platform connects brands and spaces for short-term retail leasing. Now Walmart is making short-term leases available to small businesses in designated Walmart stores across the US without being committed to a long-term lease.

"The growth opportunities for emerging brands are at the heart of Popable's pop-up shop platform. We are excited to partner with Walmart to bring new brands to local communities while providing small business owners the ability to thrive with some great built-in foot traffic," said Scott Blair, co-founder and CEO of Popable. "For retailers emerging from a challenging year in the face of post-covid impacts ranging from rising economic concerns to delivery issues at the ports, pop-up retail could be a great way to move excess inventory."

Popable's online website creates a frictionless connection. Small businesses list on the website and are then paired with their local participating Walmart to connect and enter into a temporary leasing agreement. The time frame of these leasing agreements will be predetermined by the small business and can range from a month up to a year, with the possibility of growing into a longer-term agreement.

"Supporting small businesses has always been a priority for Walmart. We are proud to work with Popable to offer local brands an opportunity to grow inside our stores," said Darryl Spinks, Senior Director of Retail Services for Walmart. "This is a great example of our focus on offering services unique to the neighborhoods we serve through our store of the community initiative.”


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