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The Beauty Health Company Opening HydraFacial HFX Centers in Paris and Singapore

Published September 25, 2022
Published September 25, 2022

In 2018, The Beauty Health Company's flagship brand HydraFacial, best known for their devices that use patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin, opened eight HydraFacial HFX Centers. These venues offer aesthetic professionals a two-day immersive educational experience designed to advance their skills. The program was designed to help attendees develop client engagement techniques, hone their protocol skills, and grow their business, learning selling tactics, social media marketing techniques, and client operations. In January, The Beauty Health Company added to their locations, adding a New York center. The company recently announced a further expansion, with two new HydraFacial HFX Centers opening in Paris and Singapore.

The new Paris and Singapore Experience Centers, joined by one of the brand's other locations in London, will also internationally debut Syndeo, HydraFacial's next-generation delivery system. The planned rollout of Syndeo on a broader scale is set to take place across Asia and Europe in 2023, following a successful launch in the US.

"We are thrilled to open Paris and Singapore Experience Center locations, further strengthening our presence in these top beauty and aesthetic markets. We see tremendous opportunity ahead in the APAC and EMEA regions. This investment in the education and training of our providers, plus the much-anticipated introduction of Syndeo, will be instrumental to our international expansion over the long term," BeautyHealth President and CEO Andrew Stanleick adds.

Across the Experience Centers, HydraFacial hosts consumer, provider, press, and influencer events throughout the year. Here, they can expect to learn creative ideas to position HydraFacial products within their businesses for improved treatment outcomes, expertise in combining HydraFacial with other treatments, and boost confidence in client consultations to upsell and personalize treatments effectively.

"Our Hydrafacial-trained providers are our most engaged and enthusiastic brand evangelists. HFX is a truly visionary training program, and we hear time and again from aestheticians about the transformational impact it has on their businesses and the pride they have in being part of the Hydrafacial Nation," Stanleick says. According to the brand, after attending HFX training, aestheticians typically increase utilization of their Hydrafacial machines, "with the average attendee showing double-digit growth in consumable orders and a purchase of a second system 50 percent more quickly."

Ben Baum, HydraFacial's Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, believes that education is an essential investment for HydraFacial, making expanding the experience centers vital to the company's growth. "We offer in-person, virtual, short-form, and long-form training opportunities, providing an option for every BeautyHealth expert who strives to deliver a superior experience. The HFX Experience Centers are an important part of our educational platform," he says.

For the skincare and aesthetic services industries to reach their full potential, companies with monetary resources need to offer programs such as the HydraFacial HFX Experience Centers, allowing for a better business interaction between brand, provider, and consumer.

As shown by The Beauty Health Company, educating the future generations of aestheticians is an investment worth making.


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