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Published August 19, 2020
Published August 19, 2020
Detox Market

Green beauty retailer The Detox Market has acquired Canadian e-commerce company Clementine Fields.

WHO: Founded in 2013, Clementine Fields is a natural beauty and wellness e-retailer in the Canadian market. Like most founders, Clementine Fields’ Ingrid Doucet and Tom Barnett became involved in the natural beauty space when one of them had a health crisis.

The Detox Market was born from a love for purity and an eagerness to support communities in healthful lifestyles. Originally curated as a pop-up shop in 2010 on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, California, to introduce a few niche natural brands, The Detox Market has six locations spread over Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York. Specializing in skincare and beauty, The Detox Market is a one-stop-shop for those looking to remove toxicity from the beauty, wellness, health, and home products they use day today.

WHY: The acquisition of Clementine Fields further establishes The Detox Markets position in North America as well as its strategy to grow its online consumer base.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “I respect Ingrid and Tom and their impetus for starting Clementine Fields. They are truly passionate and trustworthy. I started The Detox Market after learning about the toxicity in personal care products from a close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2010, I sought out to create a welcoming safe haven from an underregulated beauty industry—and a platform for education,” said founder Romain Gaillard.

“The Acquisition of Clementine Fields will allow for us to continue to grow The Detox Market online as a brand and household name in Canada, along with our equity in the US market,” says Gaillard. “We are excited to consolidate our presence in British Columbia and Alberta where Clementine Fields has strength in the market.”


  • The Detox Market acquired Canadian e-commerce business Clementine Fields. Terms of the transaction were not available.
  • The Detox Market hopes to continue to expand its offering utilizing Clementine Fields’ assortment of brands and to explore new clean beauty options and other sustainably focused companies.
  • The Detox Market has a history of acquiring other Canadian beauty and wellness companies. In 2015, The Detox Market took over the operations of Toronto Retailer Husk and in 2016 purchased the e-commerce company

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