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Beauty from Within: How Tosla Nutricosmetics Addresses the Current Beauty Market Situation

Published March 3, 2024
Published March 3, 2024
Tosla Nutricosmetics

The beauty industry, a dynamic and ever-evolving sector, stands at the precipice of a significant transformation. Driven by shifting consumer preferences, technological advancements, and a heightened focus on sustainability and wellness, the landscape is ripe for innovation. Against this backdrop, beauty supplements emerge not just as products but as forerunners of a holistic beauty paradigm, promising beauty that originates from within and radiates outward.

Recent analyses, including a detailed report by BeautyMatter, underscore an industry in flux. The year 2023 marked a downturn in beauty deal activities and an increase in bankruptcies, both reflecting broader market challenges such as consumer skepticism towards traditional beauty solutions and a growing demand for products offering health and beauty benefits backed by tangible, scientific evidence.

In response to these challenges, the industry has seen a shift towards strategies designed to drive more repeat purchases and increased customer loyalty. Only that can ensure sustained business growth in a market where new brands and products multiply at an unprecedented rate.

Nutricosmetics, marrying nutrition with cosmetics, stands poised to address these evolving needs. Forecasted to grow from USD 6.5 billion in 2022 to nearly USD 11.2 billion by 2030, this sector represents a notable move towards "beauty from within." Ranging from liquid supplements to powders, these products are designed to enhance beauty by improving health, offering a sustainable and health-conscious approach to beauty and wellness.

Tosla Nutricosmetics, a B Corp–certified beauty supplement manufacturer, exemplifies this shift toward a new beauty paradigm. With offerings like their market-proven liquid collagen formulations and newly released solutions such as Lumina 365 for ingestible sun protection and HairCycle+ formula for hair health, Tosla speaks to market needs with products leveraged by scientific research.

Their supplements, powered by the patented Velious flavor technology, combine efficacy with ease of use, establishing daily rituals that enhance well-being and brand loyalty.

As consumer behaviors pivot towards holistic health, the beauty industry's intersection with technology and sustainability becomes increasingly important. Tosla's innovations in bioavailability, increased palatability, and sustainability not only align with these trends but also propel the industry forward. Furthermore, Tosla’s commitment to scientific validation underscores a growing industry focus on building consumer trust through evidence-based claims.

“As a company rooted in innovation and pushing for change in the industry, achieving B Corp certification is a natural progression for us. This certification is not just an accolade; it’s a reflection of our mission to drive positive change within the beauty industry and beyond."
By Primož Artač, CEO + founder, Tosla Nutricosmetics

Their “Designed for Repeat Buys" philosophy is a strategic response to the fleeting nature of consumer loyalty in today's saturated market. This approach transcends the mere transactional relationship between brand and consumer, fostering a deeper connection rooted in consistent product satisfaction and visible, tangible benefits. By focusing on creating products that consumers want to use repeatedly, Tosla taps into the essence of sustainable business growth: customer retention. This philosophy is embedded in every stage of product development, from formulation to the liquid format, ensuring that each product not only delivers on its promises but also integrates seamlessly into the consumer's daily routine.

Globally, nutricosmetics are gaining traction, with varying trends across regions reflecting diverse consumer preferences and regulatory environments. Understanding and navigating the complex regulatory terrain remains the nutricosmetics sector's most significant challenge, especially when it comes to the substantiation of product claims. In an industry where the convergence of nutrition and beauty blurs traditional regulatory lines, establishing the efficacy and safety of products through solid scientific evidence becomes paramount. Tosla is acutely aware of these challenges and is deeply invested in conducting rigorous clinical studies to underpin their product claims. Their approach not only ensures compliance with stringent global regulations but also sets a new standard for transparency and reliability in the nutricosmetics market. By prioritizing clinical research, Tosla is at the forefront of efforts to evolve regulatory frameworks, advocating for the development of clearer guidelines that can more accurately reflect the innovative nature of nutricosmetics. Their commitment to scientific validation serves a dual purpose: safeguarding consumer trust and paving the compliant way for predictable business growth.

Looking to the future, the beauty industry continues to evolve, with sustainability, technological innovation, and consumer-centric approaches driving growth. Tosla Nutricosmetics, at the forefront of this evolution, offers solutions that resonate with contemporary consumer ethos. Last year's milestones, including the start of a new Super Factory and R&D facility development while also earning B Corp certification, highlight Tosla's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

“As a company rooted in innovation and pushing for change in the industry, achieving B Corp certification is a natural progression for us,” said Primož Artač, CEO and founder of Tosla Nutricosmetics. “This certification is not just an accolade; it’s a reflection of our mission to drive positive change within the beauty industry and beyond. If we’re here to redefine how we should approach beauty through a different product approach, it’s our job to also do it in the right way, not forgetting about the people and the planet.”

As we look towards the future, it is clear that the path to beauty is increasingly internal, a truth Tosla embraces with its cutting-edge nutricosmetics. In an industry at the cusp of transformation, Tosla stands as a testament to the potential of nutricosmetics to redefine beauty standards, promising a future where beauty and wellness are inextricably linked.