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Reinventing Beauty: Unveiling Nutricosmetics and the Key Role of Collagen Peptides

Published June 4, 2023
Published June 4, 2023

As the beauty-from-within trend gains momentum in the beauty industry, a recent clinical study by Tosla highlights the efficacy of three products, each containing varying concentrations and combinations of collagen peptides and a sulfur-rich molecule, MSM.

The robustness of a clinical study is mainly dependent on its execution. Characteristics such as a large sample size, randomization, stringent study design, blind testing, and comprehensive data analysis all contribute to the credibility of the results. The study led by Tosla satisfies all these criteria. The variety of products, participant count, and inclusion of MSM render this study one of the most extensive ingestible collagen studies to date.

This intriguing study explores the synergistic effects of collagen peptides and MSM, comparing the results of 5g and 10g collagen peptide doses. 107 women aged 40 to 65 with a BMI under 35 participated in the 12-week study, which was independently monitored and conducted.

In addition to a placebo group, the study evaluated three active products containing Tosla's rigorously tested collagen peptides. These peptides had to meet stringent quality-control measures, ensuring high efficacy, superior taste, and an optimal texture profile in our concentrated, ready-to-drink collagen product. Moreover, we used our proprietary Velious masking technology to neutralize the typically unpleasant taste of collagen.

Participants were divided into four groups, each receiving (unknowingly) either a placebo, 5g of collagen peptides with 1.5g of MSM, 10g of collagen peptides with 1.5g of MSM, or 10g of collagen peptides alone. The participants were instructed to consume their liquid supplement once a day. Following the 12 weeks, there were notable improvements in all groups with the exception of the one on placebo. We could see the change in dermis density (up to 19%), dermis thickness (up to 4.4%), skin hydration (up to 40%), as well as a reduction in skin roughness (up to 12%), wrinkle depth (up to 21%), and wrinkle volume (up to 15%).

Of particular interest was the role of MSM in reducing skin roughness. This effect was observed exclusively in the two products containing MSM, even when compared with those holding the maximum collagen peptide concentration (10g).

The study highlighted the benefits of higher collagen peptide intake, but interestingly, it also suggested that these benefits plateau over time. While a 10g daily dose of collagen peptides might expedite initial results, persistently high intake isn't necessarily more advantageous.

At Tosla, we remain committed to contributing to scientific knowledge by conducting at least one clinical study in the field of nutricosmetics annually. The Tosla study is slated for publication in a prestigious scientific journal by the end of the year. Meanwhile, we are conducting another clinical study investigating the synergy between hyaluronic acid and collagen peptides. By doing so, we aim to advance our understanding of beauty from within, redefining the landscape of the beauty industry.