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Veracity Selfcare Raises $5.8 Million in Funding

Published September 17, 2021
Published September 17, 2021

The personalized skincare brand Veracity Selfcare raised $5.8 million in funding according to a recent SEC filing. Veracity Selfcare was founded by Alison Egan in 2020.

WHO: Founder and CEO Allie Egan launched Veracity, a new personal self-care experience based on testing key hormones and pH that affect skin's current condition and, more broadly, overall health and balance. Veracity skincare delivers the cutting edge of scientifically driven clean beauty with transformative, innovative skincare solutions made to safely bring each unique complexion into optimal balance. The line is designed to be customized with dynamic treatment solutions tailored to consumers' unique biofactors. The Skin + Health test is priced at $149 with skincare products ranging from $55-$85.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: "So much of what you see on the outside manifests from what's happening on the inside," Briogeo founder Nancy Twine and angel investor in Veracity told Beauty Independent. "Veracity has the potential to disrupt customized skincare with insightful wellness and health knowledge that drives bespoke skincare solutions rooted in clean and efficacious ingredients."

“Veracity is leading a movement to transform how women engage, discuss and understand beauty through the lens of their personal hormonal journey," says Sarra Zayani, partner at Global Founders Capital. "We're excited to see Veracity's data-driven and horizontal approach pave the way in empowering consumers to uncover the truth and make informed decisions for their skin and overall health.”


  • Veracity Selfcare raised $5.8 million; the SEC filing indicates 35 investors participated in the round.
  • To launch the brand, Egan invested $30K and raised $900,000 in pre-seed funding, with Fab Co-Creation Studio Ventures and Global Founders Capital among the investors.
  • According to CB Insights, the total funding raised to date is $6.66 million.

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