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Whole Foods Market Predicts the Next Big Beauty Trends for 2022

Published March 22, 2022
Published March 22, 2022
Business Wire

Whole Foods Market has been in the beauty business since it was founded in 1980. While clean beauty and wellness have become mainstream, the Amazon-owned grocery store remains a beauty destination with over 500 locations. As a part of its Beauty Week, the Whole Foods Trends Council predicts ingredients and product trends for 2022.

"Consumers continue to invest in beauty as we've adjusted to a new normal, and we're seeing a focus on conscious and at-home beauty treatments," said Jen Coccaro, Vice President of Whole Body Merchandising at Whole Foods Market. "Our customers are keeping a close eye on ingredients as they experiment with new items and come to us for our standards that go beyond typical 'clean beauty' claims and ban more than 180 ingredients."

Ceramides: The Trend Council sees ceramides rising in popularity, in line with the increased focus on barrier repair and the microbiome. The essential fatty acid is a go-to ingredient in formulas focused on those claims. 

Prickly Pear: This shrubby cactus native to Mexico has made a splash in food and drink, and beauty is tapping the ingredient for its wide range of cosmetic benefits. With naturally hydrating and anti-aging properties, as well as containing amino acids, vitamins E, and K, prickly pear extract provides the dual benefit of playing the role of star ingredient. 

Translucent Zinc Sunscreen: Sun protection goes incognito as brands transition from thick, white pastes and products that leave a white cast in favor of translucent non-nano zinc that leaves far less visible residue. 

Overnight Hairstyling: Haircare brands offer a new crop of treatments and styling accessories designed to be used overnight. Style and snooze products include sleep caps, scrunchies, leave-in conditioners, and masks that bring natural textures to life.

Jelly-Textured Skincare: The trendiest texture of 2022 lies somewhere between a gel and a cream. These water-based products moisturize without the mess that comes with extra oil. Skin-loving jellies are in, with top brands enhancing ingredients and revamping formulas.


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