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The lines between beauty and wellness continue to merge. There is a new crop of wellness brands taking on health care through the lens of beauty and transparency, using digital platforms to fix a broken category. Their goal is to disrupt the current system as we know it, making access to medical services more efficient, transparent, and cost effective.

These young companies are in a position to significantly revolutionize the healthcare industry:

  1. Hims, a DTC health, grooming, and wellness site that provides men basic skincare and solutions for medical issues like hair loss and erectile disfunction.
  2. Hers is the sister brand to Hims, focused on women’s sexual wellness, skin, and hair offerings.
  3. Keeps, a subscription-based online marketplace created by healthcare start-up Thirty Madison for men’s hair loss prevention medications.
  4. Binto, a subscription-based service focused on over-the-counter products, addressing everything from period support and hormonal health to fertility and prenatal care and symptoms experienced during menopause.
  5. Skin LaundryRx, the dermatological prescription-focused extension of the Skin Laundry laser treatment centers and skincare products.
  6. Curology is a secure, proprietary web-based technology that allows for personalized attention online, providing professionally guided acne care.
  7. The Pill Club delivers contraception as well as fun surprises like chocolate and face masks—in all 50 states, and its medical team is licensed to prescribe medication in 35 states.

According to a 2017 report by HIMSS Analytics, the adoption of telemedicine solutions and services had surged since the study was first conducted in 2014, from roughly 54% to 71% in 2017, noting that 9% of that growth had come from 2016 alone

Photo: Hush Naidoo via Unsplash

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