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May 8, 2020
May 8, 2020
Chenwei Lin via Unsplash

As jade rollers and gua sha have taken over Instagram, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Eastern practices and remedies are finding their way into Western beauty and wellness offerings. Below are four brands bringing ancient wisdom to modern life.

Tomen: Modernizing ancient plant-based healing remedies through phytotherapy integration informed by traditional Chinese medicine. These tinctures reinvent ancient botanical remedies with proprietary wellness rituals in five multifaceted adaptogenic liquid formulas: Digest, Calm, Immunity, Detox, and Focus.

The formulas also take inspiration from the complex flavors of fine wines and are made to be mixed with sparkling water. Anne Owen, founder of Tomen, says: “I brought on a female sommelier, and we worked on the tasting notes because this is something kind of new for people, and I wanted to guide them through what they should expect.”

Hayo’u: Katie Brindle is a Chinese medicine practitioner and founder of The Hayo’u Method and author of Hang Seng: The Art of Chinese Self-Healing. Her philosophy of wellness and beauty incorporates the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine into three simple steps for modern life. Hayo’u makes the self-treatment aspect of Chinese medicine accessible and approachable with simple daily rituals and practical techniques.

Ora: Boutique acupuncture spa Ora is bringing convenient and accessible versions of ancient well-being practices like acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha through a modern urban lens. The treatments focus on holistic well-being or targeted issues such as pain, sexual health, digestion, and emotional health. The space, designed by the Rockwell Group in calming blue and white tones and modern finishes, also houses a tea and tonic bar.

“The big thing around the space was focusing on acupuncture as an experience. You can come in and have a tea or tonic post-treatment, or if you want to just experience Ora,” explains Kimberly Ross, founder of Ora.

Mab & Stoke: Mab & Stoke launched a category-defining product that helps people feel their best, and they’re called Mab Tabs. Mab Tabs are “herbal super tabs” containing a custom blend of high-quality herbal extracts that dissolve into anything you want to drink. Anything—even a martini! Customization is where it’s at for the future of supplementation, and Mab & Stoke are making it easy by removing every excuse you have not to take your vitamins.


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