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A Generation of Trendsetters: Gen Z's Beauty Must-Haves

Published November 6, 2022
Published November 6, 2022
Kyra x Blended

To be a successful brand, companies need to be able to connect with their target consumers authentically. For brands that target Gen Z specifically, there is a certain level of pressure to perform well. The generation expects to be listened to when they give their insight, with products being produced to meet their needs and demands. To help such brands correctly communicate with their followers, Kyra, the global creator economy company, and Blended, a TikTok–native beauty platform, have collaborated to produce the Gen Z State of Beauty Report: Then, Now, & Next. The report focuses on responses from 1,000 participants, ranging from 18-25, naming them as "the most influential generation to date" when it comes to beauty. The study is the second investigation by Kyra into the generation's needs, focusing on purchasing behaviors and content preferences of both creators and Gen Z consumers across skincare, fragrance, hair, and makeup subcategories.

"After the overwhelming success of our 2021 report, we're so proud to be back with a deeper analysis," says Marina Mansour, VP of Beauty & Wellness at Kyra. "It's no secret that the beauty industry at large has a close eye on Gen Z, as they're redefining what beauty means across various subcategories. This report helps contextualize key behaviors and insights so that brands, advertisers, retailers, and content creators can determine the best practices for engaging and resonating with Gen Z audiences."

Here are the key takeaways from the report:


  • Moisturizer is the number-one product Gen Z claims they can't live without, followed by SPF and serums. 
  • Vitamin C is the number-one body care product Gen Z uses. 
  • 75% have a dedicated bodily skincare routine.
  • CeraVe is the number-one face skincare brand across the generation.
  • Dove is the number-one body skincare brand.
  • 41% focus on skincare to combat acne.
  • 29% focus on skincare to stay moisturized.
  • 23% focus on skincare to combat skin texture.


  • 60% of Gen Zers own over three perfumes. 
  • 16% own between six to nine.
  • 21% wear perfume every day.
  • 18% say they look for a product that will express their personality.
  • 43% would wear a gender-fluid fragrance.
  • 57% noted that the bottle's look played a significant factor in their purchase decision.
  • Vanilla, rose, and fruity are the top three scent profiles they're coveting.


  • 74% of Gen Z can define their specific hair type, with 60% listing it as a top priority in purchasing as they seek hyper-personalized regimens.
  • Hairspray, leave-in conditioner, and hair oil are the top three hair products..
  • Hair protein is the number-one product they plan to add to their routines.
  • TRESemmé holds the title as the top-ranked brand Gen Z uses.


  • A third of respondents prefer no makeup, just skincare for everyday wear.
  • Light coverage products showed a 13% increase year over year for daily-use trends. 
  • Gen Z turns to mascara, concealer, and blush for go-to daily makeup products.
  • 28% said they now use fewer products in their routine since the onset of COVID-19.
  • e.l.f is Gen Z's favorite makeup brand.

The Best Trends from 2022 Voted by Gen Z

  • '90s makeup
  • Slugging
  • Faux freckles
  • Cream blush
  • Secrets in my industry
  • Siren eyes
  • Organic skincare

"Gen Z has already played an integral role in reshaping the beauty industry as we know it, demanding more authenticity, transparency, and inclusivity from product offerings to the board room," continues Mansour. "This generation is all about challenging norms and limitless creative expression, and this report helps relay these interests, pain points, and trends to key players in the industry."

As Gen Z continues to openly express their beauty needs and wants, brands will have to continue to be prepared to evolve to meet expectations. With Gen Z paving the way, it will be interesting to see if the generations that follow will adopt the same purchasing mentalities, or write their own rule books.


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