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From Hummus By-Product to Hair-Styling Active

Published January 22, 2023
Published January 22, 2023
The Upcycled Beauty Company

In an industry where 70% of  consumers are more likely to buy a product if it is recycled or recyclable, upcycled materials have become a core ingredient for success, with ever-evolving concepts and contributions towards sustainability. Givaudan made retinol alternative Siliphos from upcycled milk thistle fruits, while Eurofragrance created the captive L’Âme du Bois from wood waste, debuting a series of perfumes containing the ingredient. Skincare company LOLI and cosmetics brand Seeds of Colour both breathe new life into food waste by using them in their formulations.

Since 2017, The Upcycled Beauty Company has been advocating for the inclusion of upcycled materials and ingredients in beauty products. The company holds a vision for the future that “all personal care products will be made from upcycled materials,” and believes that conventional ingredients can be directly replaced by sustainable alternatives without compromising a product's efficiency or performance. Already offering an array of zero-waste ingredients with its Crush (upcycled fruit powders) and Necta (upcycled active oils) ranges, The Upcycled Beauty Company has now launched a new active aimed at hair care. The Faba TONIQ, a water-soluble by-product of hummus production, is  coined “the new natural, upcycled hair-styling active for super-sleek, long-lasting curls.”

Designed to deliver smoother, sleeker, longer-lasting curls—whether they’re natural or achieved through heat—the new offering contains film-forming natural polymers that coat the wearer's hair to form defined curl retention after drying for up to to 48 hours. The use of hummus by-product inspires natural conditioning properties resulting in curls that possess a soft-feel hold, making detangling the hair easier. As well as being suitable for multiple hair textures and curl types, the Faba TONIQ is a source of protein, peptides, polypeptides, and carbohydrates that help to strengthen and condition the hair. A combination of polysaccharides and oligosaccharides makes the curl retention long-lasting and provides frizz control even in humid environments.

By using food waste and by-products, sourcing ingredients for personal care and beauty won’t be as environmentally damaging as it once was. Food waste, which normally accounts for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions, will be turned into something new, and one third of all food that is usually discarded to landfill now will be usable. With businesses like The Upcycled Beauty Company playing their part in circular beauty by creating new types of ingredients, further innovation possibilities are sure to soon follow.


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