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Impact Initiatives Raising the Bar Across the Beauty Industry

Published April 28, 2024
Published April 28, 2024
Competitive Insight via Unsplash

The intention to do good is one thing, but change only happens when intentions are translated into action. More than simply doing good, the BeautyMatter NEXT Awards for impact honor businesses that embody change driven by a desire to improve their companies, the industry, and the world we live in.

These brands and businesses in the beauty value chain identify a problem or opportunity to tackle, decide to do something about it, and only stop once they make a difference. The beauty industry constantly evolves from diversity and inclusivity to transparency and sustainability. But there is still more work to be done.

The criteria applied by our judges while evaluating submissions included: 

  • The creativity and innovation of the impact initiative and the ability to articulate the purpose and goals
  • Substantiation of the effectiveness of the impact initiative 
  • The initiative's contribution to its employees, community, society, and the industry at large 
  • The ability for the initiative to scale

The Judges: 

Best Impact Initiative: Companies involved in creating, marketing, and selling beauty and wellness products or services that implement initiatives that impact DEI or ESG.

2023 - Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes—DEI initiative to end the modern-day segregation of salons
2022 -  Cheekbone Beauty
2024 - Who Should Apply: Brands, retailers, spas, or salons

Best Impact Facilitator: Technology provider (app, platform, SAAS) that provides tools to manage programs, enable transparency, quantify impact, or validate claims related to DEI or ESG initiatives.

2023 - The Eco Well
2022 - Bluebird Climate
2024 - Who Should Apply: Apps, platforms, SAAS

Best Supply Side Impact Initiative: Suppliers that provide goods or services to brands or retailers in the beauty and wellness sector that have rolled out initiatives that provide measurable impact on DEI or ESG.

2022 - Kaibae
2024 - Who Should Apply: Manufacturers, suppliers, agencies, or technology solutions

Best Sustainable Sourcing Breakthrough: Recognizes breakthroughs in the procurement and use of more sustainable materials, including new materials, improvements to conventional materials, improvements to sourcing practices, and novel uses of materials in challenging applications. 

2023 - Babo Botanicals—Upcycled Passion Fruit Seed Oil from family-owned farms in Peru
2024 - Who Should Apply: Suppliers, design agencies, brands, or retailers

The Process: Entries for the BeautyMatter NEXT Awards can be submitted until the entry deadline May 24, 2024. Finalists will be announced July 7, 2024, and winners will be announced on October 24, 2024, at the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty in Los Angeles, CA. Find out more here.


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