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Published January 27, 2021
Published January 27, 2021
Biohacking ORB

In the wake of the pandemic, healthcare and wellness have become a priority. People are paying more attention to their personal health and wellness, and the health and wellness environment of their home and workplace. As a result, emerging technology in the sector has witnessed rapid adoption, and capital is flooding into healthcare and wellness start-ups.

“If we have learned anything in 2020, it’s that consumers play a pivotal role in their own health outcomes.”—CES 2021. Consumers are now expecting accessible, convenient solutions that allow them to jump-start their care— from wellness to health—at any moment.

Lify Wellness: The world’s first Smart Wellness Remedy system with a big vision to make a healthier lifestyle easily accessible for everyone, reinventing traditional medicine with smart consumer health technology. Backed by AI and an ecosystem of wellness professionals, the Lify Wellness App enables users to get recommendations on which wellness formula to drink based on their body conditions, moods, and the real-time weather. Identifying, tracking, and solving health and wellness needs are now a simple “DIY solution” at one’s fingertips. Superfood ingredients like adaptogens, CBD, and collagen are carefully paired with tea and herbal ingredients to create wellness formulas that are delicious and functional for daily consumption.

Tatch: A New York start-up builds a flexible, lightweight patch that collects users’ data to get an accurate picture of users’ sleep patterns. Its sensor patches measure sleeping patterns including movement, oxygen level, and restfulness, and then connect the user with virtual sleep specialists to offer personalized feedback and recommendations.

ORB: The Biohacking ORB is a platform of touchless, self-administered wellness treatments designed to enable users to realize personal development and wellness goals in minutes versus hours. The ORB improves body and mind performance and enhances spirit/mood through seven treatment journeys based on evidence-based wellness modalities that include neuroacoustic sound therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, infrared, etc.

With the ORB, the power of wellness biohacking is placed into the palm of the user’s hand via an app that controls the ORB, suggesting one of seven treatment options based on a user’s desired result. Treatment journeys range from a “Quick Fix,” a 15-minute journey to settle the mind, to a 45-minute “Refresh & Recharge” to reinvigorate and reset.

iSyncWave: iMediSync is a Korean biotech start-up that provides cloud-based AI brain-mapping solutions designed to detect electrical activity in the brain to diagnose a variety of neurological disorders. Its novel approach to biomarker development and personalized photobiomodulation therapy has resulted in an EEG brain-mapping platform and personalized LED therapy device that can be used in clinics but also at home.

e-skin EMStyle: Tokyo-based smart apparel start-up Xenoma launched a cableless e-skin EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) suit that claims to reduce a full workout to just 20 minutes of exercise. Users can control the levels of stimulation through the smartphone app. In addition, the “professional” version allows fitness trainers the ability to adjust stimulation for up to 20 different suits that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Clean Air Zone (CAZ): CAZ is a US-based air-purification R&D company utilizing advanced microbiotic and enzyme green technology to capture and destroy airborne contaminants. The biological air-cleaning system incorporates BioCAZ solution, a complex body of naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes, perfected by nature and harnessed into a proprietary water-based solution to not only neutralize contaminants but eliminate them through biological digestion. Essentially pollutants become food for BioCAZ Solution. The CleanAirZone system leverages pure lines and delicate shapes with highly resistant materials, resulting in a device that lives unobtrusively in a residential or commercial space. The technology claims to remove mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens, VOCs, dust, and hazardous gases.

Satisfyer: The only sextech brand honored with a CES Innovation Award this year, Satisfyer is pioneering a shift in eliminating taboos associated with sexual pleasure, pushing the envelope by normalizing the conversation around sexual pleasure. Satisfyer Connect is a free app that blends intimacy with technology to create a customizable, multi-sensorial experience that integrates touch, sound, and haptic feedback. The Satisfyer Love Triangle combines Satisfyer’s award-winning air-pulse technology with deep vibrations to create simultaneous stimulation.


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