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Ieva Acquires Intuiskin from Unilever Backed by €9 Million in New Funding

Published March 13, 2023
Published March 13, 2023

The connected beauty company Ieva Group, founded by Jean Michel Karam in 2020, has acquired Intuiskin from Unilever and closed a new €9 million funding round led by Crédit Mutuel Innovation.

WHO: Intuiskin was created by Jean Michel Karam in 2010 and then acquired by Unilever in 2012. It includes personalized cosmetics brand Ioma, Ioma Hair, and clean skincare brand Made with Care. The business offers treatments with proven efficiency, created and formulated from the Ioma skin atlas, a database of over 1 million diagnostics that continue to grow.

Jean Michel Karam founded Ieva Group, a fusion of high-precision technology, artificial intelligence, craftsmanship, luxury, and beauty featuring jewelry that measures environmental stressors and physical activity. Following the transaction, the group will now be organized into three business units. Ieva Beauty will include beauty brands Ioma, Made with Care, Ioma Hair, Elenature, L’Atelier du Sourcil, Boudoir du Regard, and permanent make-up brand i-pigment. Ieva Tech will cover the company’s personalized subscription service myIeva, haircare and skincare diagnostic tools (Ioma Sphere, Ioma Mirror, and HairDiag), formulation labs, connected watches and jewelry, Ieva Cloud data, and Technologies for Life services. Ieva Experience will include the group’s 150 L’Atelier du Sourcil and Boudoir du Regard stores as well as its e-commerce stores.

WHY: Intuiskin will reinforce the Ieva Group’s beauty brand portfolio, which consists of makeup brands Atelier du Sourcil and Boudoir du Regard, as well as the organic haircare brand Elenature.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “This acquisition, backed by this fundraising, is a major step in the development of Ieva Group,” Jean Michel Karam said in a statement.


  • In parallel with the acquisition, Ieva Group has secured a new €9 million fundraising round led by Crédit Mutuel Innovation with the participation of SEB Alliance. 
  • The deal comes 11 years after Unilever acquired a minority stake in Intuiskin and eight years after Unilever purchased 100% of the business.
  • Following the transaction, Unilever will become a minority shareholder of Ieva Group.
  • In July 2021, Ieva Group acquired Boudoir du Regard.
  • In 2020, Ieva Goup acquired beauty eye care specialist L’Atelier du Sourcil and raised a €12 million financing round.

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