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Just The Numbers: America’s Wellness Priorities

Published July 31, 2022
Published July 31, 2022
Mindbody Business

To investigate the change in consumer attitudes since the pandemic, Mindbody Business surveyed 16,000 Americans, questioning them about their wellness routines. The report found that the definition of wellness for many Americans is changing, presenting new opportunities for spas and salons. Mindbody Business' 2022 Beauty and Wellness Trend Report found that 65% of Americans believe beauty and grooming are a key part of wellness, and 78% believe wellness is more important than ever. Here are the main highlights from the study.

The pandemic:

  • 51% of women say their mental health was impacted by the pandemic, as opposed to 46% of men.
  • The younger generations' mental well-being was affected the most, with 57% of Gen Z stating their mental health was impacted by the pandemic, in comparison to 53% of millennials, 46% of Gen X, and 37% of boomers.
  • 57% of millennials feel more comfortable going into beauty and wellness establishments if they know the staff has been vaccinated, as opposed to 55% of Gen Z, 51% of Gen X, and 53% of boomers.
  • 67% of women and 65% of men have tried new services to support their immune system in the past year.

Businesses bouncing back from last year:

  • Manicures and pedicures are increasing from last year, with demand for services up 50%.
  • Eyebrow waxing and threading have also increased services by 50%.
  • Botox and fillers have seen an increase in demand of 37%.
  • IV therapy and light therapy have seen a 50% increase in services.
  • Massages have seen an increase in services by 37%.
  • Hair salons have also seen an increase in service demand, with haircutting up 23%, hair styling and drying up 100%, and hair coloring up 24%.

Millennial men:

  • Millennial men are opening a new door in the beauty and wellness industry, being the most frequent utilizers of services such as barbers, advanced skincare, full-body skin treatments, and nonsurgical body-sculpting treatments.
  • Millennial men have more buying power than any other demographic group, with their approximate annual growth income before taxes being $88,935, as opposed to Gen X at $85,350, boomers at $74,131, and Gen Z at $58,439.

Skin is in:

  • 48% of Americans have prioritized skincare over the past year, with 56% of millennials and 54% of Gen Z leading the way, compared to 44% of Gen X and 33% of boomers.
  • 35% of Americans look to beauty establishments to guide their skincare routines.
  • Facial exercises are rising, with one in three respondents already interested in toning their facial muscles.
  • 33% of Gen Z are interested in facial exercises compared to 36% of millennials, 24% of Gen X, and 12% of boomers.

Overall, it is clear that Americans are taking care of themselves now more than ever, with high prioritization of wellness and physical appearances such as hair and skin. Consumers are becoming actively more involved in beauty and wellness services, helping businesses to get back on their feet after the pandemic. Ultimately, COVID-19 has changed how consumers and businesses approach wellness and beauty, with these changes seeming to become more set in stone as time goes on.


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