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Just The Numbers: The Biggest Beauty Trends of 2022

Published January 19, 2023
Published January 19, 2023
Radu Florin via Unsplash

Last year, TikTok aided the growth of hundreds of beauty trends. From everyday hacks to questionable crazes, each day it seemed as if new must-try beauty tricks surfaced. To hone in on TikTok’s biggest beauty moments of 2022, Beauty Pie investigated the hashtags with the highest level of engagement—calculated by combining the number of comments, likes, and shares and dividing them by the number of views—across the app. From the findings, it can be concluded that TikTok is gaining a sense of educational authority, teaching social media users all they need to know, from ingredients to important science-backed beauty hacks. From Avril Lavigne–inspired makeup to mewing—the process of face alteration through tongue exercise—to the rise of chebula, a powerful skincare antioxidant, here are the key findings from the study:

Overall Top 10 Trends of 2022 (Per Engagement)

  • Wolf cut (1,901,338,504) 
  • Graphic eyeliner (1,600,300,338)
  • Mewing (1,500,265,231)
  • Skin barrier (1,500,225,656)
  • Brow lamination (1,303,579,028)
  • Mermaid hair color (771,705,913)
  • Niacinamide (655,606,020)
  • Slugging (493,556,963)
  • Lash serum (418,555,028)
  • Copper hair (356,147,706)

When pondering beauty’s predominant themes of 2022, Beauty Pie went on to analyze Google search volumes for hundreds of emerging trends. By calculating the year-on-year percentage change in Google search volume for each of the trends, researchers uncovered which ones were seeing the biggest spikes in popularity in the run-up to 2023.

2023’s Biggest Skincare Trends (Per Increase in Volume of Google Searches)

  • Chebula (922%)
  • Peptide lip treatment (442%)
  • Lash serum (75%)
  • Lip sunscreen (72%)
  • Refillable skincare (42%)
  • Ceramide serum (30%)  
  • Electrolytes (29%)
  • Peptide moisturizer (28%)
  • Skin barrier (27%)
  • Skin cycling (26%)

2023’s Biggest Makeup Trends (Per Increase in Volume of Google Searches)

  • Coquette makeup (1,690%)
  • Doe eye makeup (122%)
  • Lip stain (53%)
  • Avril Lavigne makeup (39%)
  • Refillable lipstick (29%)
  • Stick-on gems (27%)
  • Glam grunge makeup (25%)
  • Skin tint (23%)
  • Popsicle lips (15%)
  • Barbie makeup (11%)

2023’s Biggest Haircare Trends (Per Increase in Volume of Google Searches)

  • Butterfly haircut (12,432%)
  • Octopus haircut (6,104%)
  • Jellyfish haircut (1,185%)
  • Spiky bun (257%)
  • Wolf cut (135%)
  • Twist-knot bun (89%)
  • Scalp serum (47%)
  • Frame haircut (24%)
  • Loop braids (19%)
  • Barbie hair (3%)

2023’s Biggest Body Care Trends (Per Increase in Volume of Google Searches)

  • Mewing (62%)
  • Collagen supplement (34%)
  • Niacinamide body wash (25%)
  • Naked nails (9%)
  • Ashwagandha (6%)

As social media continues to decide what trends are worth having on the radar, almost anything has the potential to go viral. As we adapt to the new year, it will be interesting to observe which beauty techniques, tricks, and tips are carried over to see another successful year—no doubt including animal-themed haircuts, celebrity-inspired makeup, and skincare ingredient hype.


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