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Life Through an AI Lens – Perfect Corp.’s Solution to Zoom Dysmorphia

September 20, 2022
September 20, 2022
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In 2021, BeautyMatter reported that 37% of people taking part in weekly Zoom meetings had considered surgical treatments due to not liking what they saw on the screen. Recently, ASPS' Cosmetic Surgery Report 2022 highlighted the continuing prevalence of "Zoom dysmorphia,” revealing it as the fifth most popular reason for surgery since the pandemic began. Despite the growing interest in cosmetic surgery, the report revealed that surgeons are seeing a 40% increased wait time between consultation and surgery, with potential patients struggling to make up their minds about their desired procedures. To make this decision easier for those considering body-altering operations, Perfect Corp., the artificial intelligence solutions provider, has introduced the AI Face Reshape Simulator, "a tool allowing customers to visualize the results of various beautification treatments through advanced AI simulation technology."

The AI Face Reshape Simulator allows aestheticians, beauticians, and med spa professionals to accurately provide digital visualizations of a customer’s desired treatment, enabling them to see what a physical alteration would look like before having an irreversible operation. The technology can provide highly accurate simulation previews for treatments such as eyebrow lifts, cheek and lip filler, jaw reshaping, nose reshaping, and eyelid treatments.

Perfect Corp. created the face reshaping device to provide a realistic insight into cosmetic treatment results, ensuring that surgeon-to-client communication is clear, helping to manage expectations, and increasing the satisfaction with results. The technology is available across multiple platforms, with both web and mobile app options, allowing consumers to experiment with instant access at home during prospective client meetings, or in-person consultations with a surgeon.

"Perfect Corp. is rooted in continued innovation and is always working to identify and develop unique ways to leverage AI and AR digital technologies to solve industry and client pain points," Louis Chen, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Perfect Corp, tells BeautyMatter. "Given the success and mass adoption of virtual try-on technologies allowing consumers to try before they buy for makeup, hair color, and fashion accessories, AI Face Reshape was a natural expansion tapping into the before and after visualization of cosmetic procedures. Our global teams are quick to identify opportunities for technology advancements, and our experienced team of over 150 engineers work tirelessly to develop, code, and implement advanced AI- and AR-powered solutions to serve our partners."

"With this advancement, a professional can have full control over the face-sculpting tools and can work with clients to outline their expectations."
By Louis Chen, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Perfect Corp

The AI Face Reshape Simulator launches during a growing demand for personalized shopping experiences. "When it comes to personalization in the beauty industry, we have seen staggering results like a 3x increase in digital engagement metrics that prove consumers are hungry for these interactive, experiential, and personalized shopping experiences. This hyper-engaged experience is supercharging marketing efforts, enriching communication, and increasing customer satisfaction by offering convenient, personalized ways for consumers to discover and connect with brands," says Chen.

Despite the praised accuracy of the Face Reshape tool, Chen suggests it is essential for consumers to remember that the technology is to act as a reference for possible results, not as a guarantee for the outcomes of an actual surgery or operation. The interactive consultations allow professionals to build greater trust with their clients by helping them feel comfortable with the possible results before committing to a procedure. "With this advancement, a professional can have full control over the face-sculpting tools and can work with clients to outline their expectations," he continues.

Perfect Corp. believes that the AI Face Reshape Simulator will improve the future of cosmetic procedures by allowing professionals to enhance relationships with current and prospective clients. Furthermore, amid increasing economic uncertainty, the tool will allow consumers to have greater confidence in their investment pre-surgery. "The ease of use, efficacy, and cost savings associated with the AI Face Reshape solution is sure to drive positive impact for both businesses and consumers, delivering a more satisfying and fulfilling client journey that instills confidence and builds on stronger connections," Chen concludes.


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