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Published March 19, 2021
Published March 19, 2021
Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Podcasts are booming. As fellow connoisseurs of the genre, we launched our own podcast, It’s a Matter Of…, featuring conversations with industry disruptors like True Botanicals founder Hillary Peterson, holistic plastic surgeon Shirley Madhere, and Francisco Costa of Costa Brazil back in May 2020. However, with over 1.75 million shows to tune into and 43 million episodes available, one could say we are perhaps too spoiled for choice. 35% of consumers don’t listen to podcasts because they don’t know how to find them. From offering a platform for brands to broadcast their ethos to a broader audience, to creating a multichannel stream of communication with listeners through Instagram and private Facebook groups, company founders, entrepreneurs, and beauty editors alike are harnessing the potential of the audio medium.

Whether you are looking for a new podcast to add to your listening rotation or simply don’t know where to begin, BeautyMatter has rounded up our podcast recommendations for 2021.

Brand Owned

<p><a href="">From Potential to Powerhouse</a>: Hatch Beauty Brands co-founder and EY Entrepreneur of the Year Tracy Holland kicked off the year with a podcast featuring hourlong conversations with her female contemporaries, designed to deliver professional and personal growth strategies straight into the hands of its listeners. Episodes include discussions around race, gender, and corporate change with JOY Collective COO Orlena Nwokah Blanchard, and financial equality with Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest. “I believe more women should be powerhouses,” Holland states. “Every woman on this planet is exquisite, and deserves an exquisite journey—and it has become part of my mission to share what I have, and to empower that journey.”</p>
<p><a href="">Escentric Molecules Molecast</a>: Fragrance journalist Susan Irvine sits down with EM founder and perfumer Geza Schoen to discuss his favorite aroma molecules, the inspiration behind his latest fragrance launch EM05 (based around the complex woody yet soft aroma molecule Cashmeran), and how he left the corporate fragrance world to become one of the biggest independent fragrance houses to date. The podcast is only three episodes in, so we are excited to see what the future brings.</p>
<p><a href="">Well Now</a>: As a consumer product brand based on the healing powers of essential oils and natural ingredients, Saje’s audio offerings are equally wellness focused. Subject matter includes healthy sleep practices, plant medicine, and gut health, with corresponding doctors and wellness experts on each episode to offer guidance.</p>
<p><a href="">Conversations in Confidence</a>: Hosted by It Cosmetic’s UK brand ambassador Rose Gallagher, Conversations in Confidence describes itself as “authentic, empowering and filled with laughs, tears and real conversations.” Talks include overcoming loss with MBE-awarded makeup artist Ruby Hammer, the power of vulnerability with life coach Amy Rushworth, and tackling adversity with award-winning blogger Kumba Dauda.</p>

Spill the V: Currently in its first season, this podcast is the brainchild of Lauren Steinberg, founder of feminine wellness brand Queen V. The biweekly podcast offers interviews with other women from entertainment, tech, and beauty. Guests include Carina Chaz of Dedcool and Elle Huerta of the Mend app.

BeautyStack Podcast: With WAH Nails, Sharmadean Reid launched one of the most trendsetting nail salons in London. After a decade in business, the chain closed, but ever the entrepreneur, Reid turned her efforts towards Beautystack, a treatment booking app which has now spawned its own virtual summit and podcast. Its mission is to explore “the role of navigating Beauty identities, supposed Beauty ‘ideals’ and insider Beauty treatments while unpacking Sharmadean’s and her guests’ personal and professional realities and career journeys.” Expect chats with the likes of body positivity model Paloma Elsesser and transgender activist Charlie Craggs.

Clean Beauty Insiders: Aside from running vegan skincare brand BYBI Beauty, Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic also host this podcast. Whether it’s answering listener questions for International Women’s Day, discussing the challenges of fundraising as a female start-up, or a seven-part self-care series, there’s a variety of content to choose from.

Beauty Themed

<p><a href="">Glow Journal</a>: Founded by Australian journalist and presenter Gemma Watts, who has previously worked with the likes of Armani Beauty and Sephora, Glow Journal started out as an editorial platform in 2016 before expanding into podcasting in 2018. The program reached the top spot on the iTunes Art Chart the day of launching. Watts has secured guests such as Paula Begoun of Paula’s Choice, Anastasia Soare, and Dr. Dennis Gross.</p>
<p><a href="">Fat Mascara</a>: Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan are bona fide beauty insiders: Matlin is the beauty director at <em>Harper’s Bazaar</em>, Sullivan is the beauty director and features editor at <em>Marie Claire</em>. Therefore it’s no surprise that their popular weekly show has been a huge hit, pulling in industry heavyweights such as Mario Dedivanovic, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, and Frederic Fekkai. Industry recap meets product recommendations, each episode features the latest beauty news, plus a guest interviewee who divulges their own beauty tips.</p>
<p><a href="">Breaking Beauty</a>: BB focuses on breakthrough moments, people, and products, with close to 2.5 million downloads. Co-hosts Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins both bring their years of beauty expertise. Dunn is a contributor to <em>ELLE Canada</em> and the former editor of <em>Glow</em> magazine, while Higgins is the former editor of <em>Flare</em> and a freelance writer for platforms like The Coveteur. Their latest outings include how to fix quarantine nails (with celebrity nail guru Marian Newman) and BIPOC beauty brands to buy (with guest host, Thirteen Lune founder Nyakio Grieco).</p>
<p><a href="">Naked Beauty</a>: “Naked Beauty started with a question: What would it look like to bring together the women I admire, women with influence, and ambition and creativity and have honest conversations about beauty and self-care? How could I build this community and reach hundreds of thousands of women around the world?,” asks founder Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli. Rather than makeup reviews or instructive expert interviews, Naked Beauty hopes to challenge preconceived notions of beauty and spark thought-provoking conversations.</p>
<p><a href="">The Beauty Brains</a>: With the tagline “Real Scientists Answer Your Beauty Questions,” The Beauty Brains podcast is a straightforward, facts-driven program aiming to demystify the world of cosmetic science in a relatable and entertaining way—think questions around micro-plastics, cocoa-infused haircare, and the difference between Asian and US sunscreen formulations. Its co-hosts are cosmetic scientists and formulators Perry Romanowski and Valerie George. Viewers can directly submit their questions via email, social media, online form, or the podcast’s Patreon account.</p>
<p><a href="">Beauty Is Your Business</a>: A beauty and tech podcast featuring business insights, industry news, and in-depth interviews, this weekly show is hosted by Elizabeth Street Ventures’ venture partner Karen Moon, <em>Good Housekeeping</em> beauty director April Franzino, and Scentinvent Technologies’ co-founder Abby Wallach. Recent episodes discuss navigating the pandemic with Bluemercury co-founder Marla Beck, investment strategies with True Beauty Ventures founder Rich Gersten, and uplifting textured hair clients with Young King Hair Care’s creator Cora Miller.</p>


<p><a href="">The Black Girl Bravado Podcast</a>: Best friends turned co-hosts Germani Manning and Brittany Lackey aim to “build community amongst women of color through the expressions of laughter and love, relevant content, and knowledgable and well-informed guests,” as well as remind listeners “that the power of sisterhood and collaboration are the ultimate keys to success” with their weekly show discussing self-care, wellness, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Episode subjects include radical honesty, the fundamentals of friendship, and the six pillars of self-esteem.</p>
<p><a href="">The mindbodygreen Podcast</a>: True to the lifestyle media brand’s mantra of “connecting soul and science,” mindbodygreen’s podcast outing blends all aspects of the well-being experience in a weekly show hosted by founder Jason Wachob. Nearly 300 episodes in, topics range from eating to balance your chakras with reiki master Serena Poon, to how COVID will affect future generations with board-certified pediatrician Joel Warsh.</p>
<p><a href="">The Nutrition Diva&rsquo;s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous</a>: The nutrition diva in question is nutritionist and health coach Monica Reinagel, who aims to “sort food facts from fiction, separate the good information from the bad, and to make eating healthy just a little bit easier—and a lot saner.” Served up in bite-sized episodes of 16 minutes or less, Reinagel addresses everything such as why “nothing” matters in the world of nutrition research, beating type 2 diabetes with gut bacteria, and how periods affect appetite.</p>
<p><a href="">Stronger Minds</a>: This show focuses on building strength inside and out, through mental habits, nutrition, psychology, and more, building a comprehensive approach to mental care. Its founder Kimberley Wilson is a chartered psychologist and author of <em>How to Build a Healthy Brain</em>. &quot;I am passionate about the power of psychology to transform lives and I’m committed to demystifying the theories and putting the information into the hands of the people who need it,” Wilson states. Content includes the correlation between food and mood with professor Felice Jacka, body acceptance after pregnancy, and the underlying causes of self-sabotage.</p>
<p><a href="">Happier with Gretchen Rubin</a>: Gretchen Rubin is a best-selling author and award-winning podcaster who has been deemed “the queen of self-help memoir” <a href="">by <em>The New York Times</em></a>. Rubin hosts the podcast with her sister Elizabeth Craft. There’s weekly full-length episodes and Little Happier, short-length anecdotes. Their practical tips on everything from tackling clutter to re-engaging with resolutions have proved popular, resulting in over 112 million downloads.</p>

The Life Stylist Podcast: Host Luke Story is a former celebrity fashion stylist who has since shifted into working as a motivational speaker on lifestyle improvements. The Life Stylist Podcast offers “strategies for healing, happiness, and high-performance living.” Subject matter includes yoga, spirituality, alternative medicine, and biohacking technologies, with guest appearances by health food guru David Wolfe, fitness expert Ben Greenfield, and relationship specialist John Gray.

Hurry Slowly: Oxymoron aside, Hurry Slowly seeks to assist listeners in finding “more calm, comfort, and clarity through the simple act of slowing down.” Host Jocelyn K. Glei is also the author of books including Manage Your Day-to-Day and Make Your Mark. Expect discussions like using technology with intention with Deep Work author Cal Newport, why the pandemic has taught us to leave “productivity talk” behind, and how to build “tender discipline” practices.

Black Girl in Om: “We’re here to unapologetically expand the consciousness of Black women to transform,” states the Black Girl in Om podcast. Yoga and meditation teacher Lauren Ash founded the wellness company in 2014 and has received accolades for her work by publications like Essence, Shape, Well+Good, and The New York Times. Episodes offer guided meditations, positive affirmations, and conversations with the likes of sound healer Gina Breedlove, sex-positive pastor and preacher Lyvonne Briggs, and multidisciplinary artist Kenesha Sneed.

It’s a Matter Of…: BeautyMatter founder Kelly Kovack takes a weekly deep dive into the beauty industry with guests ranging from Peach & Lily CEO Alicia Yoon to Maesa CMO Scott Oshry. Indies and big beauty alike are represented, with each episode centered on a specific topic (integrity, community, poverty alleviation, and more), offering insight for audiences ranging from industry veterans to simply curious observers. As Kovack states: “Our goal with the podcast is to share the honest, thought-provoking conversations that we have on a daily basis with founders, business leaders, and creatives that are influencing the industry today while keeping our eye on what’s next for the future of the beauty and wellness landscape.”


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