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L’Occitane Launches a Social Selling Platform for Eco-Conscious Entrepreneurs

Published September 20, 2021
Published September 20, 2021

L'Occitane en Provence adds a new channel to its business model, launching a social selling platform to reach consumers. MyL'Occitane empowers their eco-conscious community to start their own entrepreneurial journey with the opportunity to become consultants and sell products.

“We are building our team of new L'Occi Consultants by providing beauty enthusiasts around the country, including our talented past retail store employees, the opportunity to join us on this exciting journey," says Yann Tanini, Managing Director (North America) at L'Occitane. "With MyL'Occitane, we are leveraging both the high-touch power of passionate beauty entrepreneurs and the connecting power of technology to build sustainable one-on-one relationships with new customers who we are not currently connecting with through our existing channels.”

Anyone interested in starting their own business with MyL'Occitane can enroll as a L'Occi Consultant. Once they join they will be provided all the tools and trainings necessary, such as a personal website link, access to a full suite of tech-based business management tools, product samples, virtual business onboarding, and ongoing support so they can reach their full-potential and create a successful business with MyL'Occitane.

The brand has been recruiting past retail store employees and is a continuation of Doulab, a direct selling-based skincare start-up L'Occitane created to strengthen its e-commerce sales and expand the brand digitally.

“Last year was a challenging year for retail overall, and as we try to find new ways to connect with our customers, it's about giving access," said Tanini. "With brick-and-mortar and e-commerce, there is debate on the general definition of retail. We saw in the last 18 months, everything changed in terms of how we interact with people on a personal and business level. We are offering a new channel where you can actually direct conversation one-on-one.”

“New technologies and a digital-first background have also made it the brand's logical next step," Tanini said. "We have the opportunity to leverage products that we have. It's leveraging technology to access the consumer wherever they are. We have one channel that is quite successful—that is e-commerce. Now, we are offering a new channel where you can actually direct conversation one-on-one.”


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