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Meet the Businesses Behind Nutricosmetics 2030

Published May 28, 2023
Published May 28, 2023
Ave Calvar via Unsplash

Nutricosmetics 2030 is a digital resource platform for beauty supplement innovators. This month, they released four new podcast conversations moderated by Deanna Utroske featuring top brand leaders, product formulation experts, and industry observers.

Tosla Nutricosmetics, a company specializing in nutraceuticals, created Nutricosmetics 2030 as an open-access educational content platform developed to gather and share knowledge from experts in the nutritional beauty supplements category. The platform is a cross-industry resource with content, and live and online events.

“There is a vast opportunity for Nutricosmetics Today,” says Paula Simpson, founder of Nutribloom Consulting and one of 11 beauty and supplement experts featured in the new video podcast series.

She’s not alone in her thinking. Megumi Matsunaga, a consultant with business intelligence firm Euromonitor International, sees that “the demand for ingestible beauty is rising as consumers are increasingly taking a holistic approach to improving their appearance. An increasing number of consumers seek food products that they perceive to benefit skin and hair and prevent age-related and other issues that might emerge in the future.”

The newly released Nutricosmetics 2030 Meet the Brands! podcasts are packed with insights and information to understand the challenges and opportunities of this exciting category. Key topics covered in the series are supplement product format, pairing conventional topical products with ingestibles, current and emerging benefits of edible cosmetics, as well as nutricosmetic retail and marketing insights.

A taste of takeaways from Nutricosmetics 2030 Insights:

On merchandising in-store: “In these luxury retailers and even these premium pharmacies, we’ve created this whole new category. Originally, especially in the pharma and grocery channel, when we get approached it was to be next to functional food or next to vitamins; and that’s not where we belong. So we held firm. We stayed true to our values. And now, in every single retailer … we’re in beauty retail and we’re a step above that, we’re in prestige. So you’ll find us literally between Charlotte Tilbury and La Mer,” Aaron Hefter, founder of Imaraïs Beauty by Sommer Ray, on finding shelf space for edible skincare.

Expectations and performance and efficacy: “With nutricosmetics there are no shortcuts. One cannot expect visible results in a week. Skin’s average regeneration cycle takes about a month, or even longer in older people. And also with supplements, we do not target only skin. The nutrients are used by the whole body … additional time is needed to achieve concentration in the skin [tissue],” says Katja Žmitek, Vice Dean at VIST, Faculty of Applied Sciences, in her discussion of clinical testing of beauty supplements.

Navigating regulatory: “In our experience, it’s almost easier with supplements because the regulatory is so clear. So, we know exactly what the rules of the game are….Whereas on the topical side, it’s not nearly as regulated (as we know). So that is more challenging; and you’re more likely to expose yourself to possible risks on that side of the equation,” adds Boris Oak, CEO of EVOLVh.


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