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NEXT Talks: Finding the Future of Beauty

Published September 6, 2022
Published September 6, 2022
Clark Tibbs via Unsplash

The choices we make, the inspiration we find, and the company we keep have the power to impact our world in more ways than we can imagine. The vision of BeautyMatter when it launched was to become an essential resource for insiders—filling the void, connecting the dots, and providing a perspective that is informed, analytical, and has a compelling point of view.

We curate, cultivate, and create content that informs and inspires those creating the future. It is through this same lens that we planned the content experiences for our BeautyMatter NEXT Summit: The Future of Beauty. In addition to panels of experts, we've invited thought leaders outside the beauty ecosystem to expand our thinking.

The NEXT Talks Lineup:

The Origin of Beauty Does Matter: The Future of Self-Care

While we are looking at ourselves in a mirror, we see the "Beauty," which is the surface result of our way of living. The way we feel is our "Wellness," which is also the result of our way of living our lives. Ideally these two self-monitoring aspects of our being frame a balanced sense of ourselves. But in our complicated modern world this often does not happen, and this is why self-care is becoming such a prominent focus for most people. Csaba will discuss how self-care connects beauty and wellness.

Speaker: Csaba Lucas, President, Modern Age Warriors

How to Leverage Web3 to Supercharge Your Brand Community

In this talk, Daniel will take us on a fascinating journey to leverage learning from crypto and Web3 to build lasting, authentic, value-creating communities for our brands. He'll introduce us to the world of blockchain, and help us separate the signal from the noise: what's hype and what's real opportunity. Then he'll walk with us on a journey through our own community challenges; he'll help us imagine a strategy for our communities to be so invested in our brands that they become the ambassadors, builders, superusers, and influencers our brands need today.

Speaker: Daniel Jacobs, Founder and CEO, ThriveCoin

Beauty at the Speed of AI

AI has moved from an elusive concept to an essential tool in brand marketing, inventory management, supply chain tracking, and product development. Machine learning is woven throughout our platform algorithms, creating fragrances from scratch, giving personal beauty recommendations to consumers, and revolutionizing the custom product sector. However, what differentiates a futuristic gimmick from successful implementation? Alberto will discuss the vast application potential of AI, pain points, future implications for the industry at large, and why we've only touched the tip of the technological iceberg.

Speaker: Alberto Prado, Global Head of Digital and Partnerships, Unilever

Evolution of Biotech for Beauty Innovation

Personal care products have been built on chemistry from sources like plants, animals, and petrochemicals for over a hundred years, but collective consumption is outpacing what can reasonably be extracted from nature. Thanks to the power of biology, we can not only create a non-extractive future for ingredients but also access previously unimaginable product potential. Jasmina will dive into how technology such as DNA sequencing, biological engineering, fermentation, and computational biology is the future of beauty.

Speaker: Jasmina Aganovic, CEO, Arcaea

Trends + Commercialization of Sustainable Materials

Cultural norms are being deconstructed, leading to individuals perpetually redefining themselves and their environmental changes, carving out unique spaces for creative identity and individuality. Join Material ConneXion, a leader in the material innovation space, for a thought-provoking presentation as they explore the macro trend of Creative Self-Exploration tied to cutting-edge materials to inspire the ever-changing beauty industry. This will be an interactive workshop with material demonstrations, so come prepared with your curiosity.

Speakers: Dr. Gayatri Keskar, VP of Research, Material ConneXion and Jennifer Karuletwa, VP of Business Development, Material ConneXion


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