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Best Beauty Looks from Paris Fall-Winter 2023 Runways

Published March 12, 2023
Published March 12, 2023

As Fashion Month comes to a close, it's clear that the Fall-Winter 2023 season is all about embracing the beauty of individuality. From bold hair colors to subtle makeup choices, the FW23 Paris runway was awash with a range of standout beauty looks that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Many designers opted for statement-making lash hues like bright pinks, purples, and blues. The idea was to create a playful and rebellious vibe, which is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with an unconventional area. Brands, including Victoria Beckham and Undercover, featured models with striking vibrant lash colors, showing that this trend is here to stay. Another significant beauty moment was the emergence of Wednesday Addams core, which leans heavily into the moody grudge aesthetic. This dark-eyed look was seen on many runways, including Dior and Valentino.

Here BeautyMatter selected some of the best beauty looks that emerged from the shows in the City of Lights this season.

Dior FW23


First on the list is the show that commenced the 10-day event festivities, Dior. Sadly, many of those flying to Paris from New York were met with inclement weather, causing them to miss the show, but still, the beauty moments at Maria Grazia Chiuri's show stood out among the masses. Dior's FW23 runway show showcased how a classic beauty look can be transformed into something edgy and rebellious. The brand's take on the eyeliner look was both melancholic and strong, with models wearing black liner that was exaggerated both above and below the lash line. The liner was smudged and blurred, creating a punk vibe that perfectly complemented the collection's streetwear-inspired pieces. The soundtrack of the show included iconic French songs like Edith Piaf's "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien" and moody tunes from Juliette Gréco, adding to the melancholic yet defiant mood of the show.

Balmain FW23


The Balmain FW23 runway show was a lesson in the power of a middle part. The show demonstrated how chic and sophisticated a middle part can look when paired with bold haircuts and hairstyles. The models' hair was sleek and shiny, thanks to the work of the talented hairstylist Sam McKnight. The middle part added a sense of structure and symmetry to the hairstyles, creating a polished and refined look that perfectly complemented the collection's sharp and tailored pieces. Balmain's take on the trend was modern and sleek, showing us how a simple hairstyle tweak can make a big impact on our overall look.

Victoria Beckham FW23

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's runway show in Paris was not only a showcase of stylish outerwear but also a platform for the latest beauty trends. One trend that caught our eye was the use of colorful lashes. Similar to the Prada show in Milan, models at Beckham's show sported painted lashes with shades of pink, yellow, and white that added a playful touch to their makeup looks. The use of colored mascara added a pop of color to the eyes, while keeping the rest of the makeup minimal and fresh. Beckham's runway lashes were subtle yet impactful, showing us that a little bit of color can go a long way.

Undercover FW23


Makeup artist Uda Kesho garnered attention with a striking and eerie beauty look at the Undercover FW23 runway show. At first glance, it appeared as if the models were crying blood, but upon closer inspection, it was revealed that spiky red eyelashes were strategically placed to give the impression of a bloody tear. This emotive beauty statement was set against pale, powdered skin, creating a ghoulish and otherworldly effect. This daring trend is not for the faint of heart, but for those who love to experiment with makeup. Undercover's unique take on the trend was both innovative and original, showcasing that beauty can be both shocking and captivating.

Courrèges FW23


Nicolas Di Felice, the Creative Director of Courrèges, put the spotlight on the navel with an innovative and playful approach. Circular cut-outs on sheer tops and dresses framed both innies and outies, making the belly button the focal point of the look. A nod to early 2000s fashion, the models' navels were also adorned with faux piercings featuring the Courrèges logo. The overall effect was fun and nostalgic, proving that even the smallest detail can make a big impact on the runway.

Valentino FW23


Valentino's FW23 runway show was a display of dark, gothic beauty looks that paid homage to the iconic Wednesday Addams. The legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath was at the helm, creating a look that featured piercings galore and sharp black liner. This edgy and dramatic look added a touch of rebellion to the otherwise elegant and sophisticated collection. McGrath's use of multiple piercings on the models' ears and eyebrows added a punk rock element to the look, while the sharp, graphic liner created a striking contrast against the models' porcelain skin. Valentino is obviously entering its Wednesday Addams era, and is a perfect example of how fashion and beauty can intersect to create a unique and unforgettable look.

Acne Studios FW23

Acne Studios

Acne Studios' FW23 runway show featured a quite literal lush beauty moment that perfectly complemented the enchanted forest set, complete with glittering trees. One model in particular stood out as a walking canvas, with his face, torso, and arms painted with an idyllic nature scene that looked straight out of a Bob Ross painting. This nature-inspired beauty trend brought the outdoors inside, creating an immersive and imaginative experience for attendees. The intricate and detailed artwork showcased on the model's body was a testament to the skill and creativity of the makeup artist and their team.

Miu Miu FW23

Miu Miu

At the Miu Miu show, actress Mia Goth made a memorable entrance in an outfit that embodied the brand's subtle yet alluring approach to corporate attire. She wore a cardigan with a sheer, low-cut skirt, kitten heels, and a simple updo that featured a halo of frizzy flyaways. Hair stylist Guido Palau skillfully achieved the look of disheveled post-coital hair, adding to the seductive and playful tone of the collection. Miuccia Prada once again demonstrated her ability to transform the mundane into something alluring and captivating.

Chanel FW23


Chanel's FW23 runway show was a breathtaking display of ethereal beauty looks. One beauty moment that stood out was the use of shimmery metallic silver shadow that surrounded the eyes, creating an almost angelic effect. The glimmering silver shade was applied to the inner corners of the eyes and extended outwards, creating a halo-like effect that added a touch of otherworldly beauty to the models' looks. The metallic silver shade also pairs well with other colors, making it a versatile option for creating a variety of looks. Chanel's take on the trendy makeup look we also spotted on the runways of Milan was delicate and refined, with the rest of the makeup kept minimal to let the eyes take center stage. This trend is sure to be a hit in the upcoming season, bringing a touch of magic and glamour to any makeup look.


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