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Dermatological Developments: Pierre Fabre’s All Project Database

Published July 13, 2023
Published July 13, 2023
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As stated by Health Awareness, less than 20 years ago, "dermatology information was reserved primarily for those within the medical profession." However, as time has passed, the rise of the internet has led to the democratization of dermatology-based information, allowing a large majority of consumers to understand the topic and how to care for their skin. Apps such as TikTok now enable the presentation of professional dermatologist content to be viewed at the click of a button, increasing the number of consumers seeking dermatology appointments, advice, and treatments. This level of awareness is reflected in the dermatology market size, valued at $1.1 billion in 2021 and predicted to reach $7.4 billion by 2028. As 41.55% of consumers believe a visit to the dermatologist is the most reliable way to seek skincare advice, the ongoing demand for appointments is only expected to continue increasing. To ensure dermatologists have the most current information about the behaviors, care pathways, and needs of patients seeking dermatology appointments, dermocosmetic laboratory Pierre Fabre has created the All Project, said to be the largest ever private international dermatology database.

The All Project database was revealed at the World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore, and contains results from a survey of over 50,000 people in 20 different countries across five continents. Those surveyed answered 65 questions focused on the prevalence and the impact of medical conditions, including acne, psoriasis, rosacea, and atopic dermatitis, among others. The company states that its unique database includes information on all types of skin, skin diseases, skin phototypes, and skin colors, containing over 3.3 million data points that have been compiled into the essential information dermatologists need to have a better understanding of a patient's needs and experiences.

Pierre Fabre chose to compose the database from the knowledge that one in three people worldwide suffers from a skin disease, yet health and prevention policies do not consider dermatology a public health priority. The company hopes that the All Project will lead to more support for patients with dermatological diseases while convincing public authorities to pay closer attention to dermatological conditions, which they feel will one day lead to dermatological disease prevention programs.

"The creation of this database—exceptional for its geographical coverage— confirms our commitment to work alongside health care professionals around the world to contribute to improving the quality of life of patients suffering from skin diseases. Knowing their expectations better will allow us to guide our way of working and innovate to always better support them in their dermatology care journey," says Núria Perez Cullel, Vice President of Medical Affairs and Patient and Consumer Relations at Pierre Fabre.

The project has already been well received by respected members in the dermatology field, including Professor Jean Hilaire Saurat, MD, of the University of Geneva; Professor Gil Yosipovitch, MD, of the University of Miami; Professor Henry Lim, MD, of the University of Detroit; and Professor Khaled Ezzedine, MD, dermatologist at the Paris Public Assistance Hospital, among many others. Seven patient associations have already begun to utilize the database's findings in France, with Pierre Fabre expecting this number to rapidly increase after its revelation at the World Congress of Dermatology.

"For health care professionals, the All Project is unique. Based on its methodology, it will allow us to describe, for the first time, the perceived prevalence of pruritus throughout the world, regardless of patients' ethnicity, gender, age, or region," Perez Cullel concludes.

The news of the All Project comes just a year after Pierre Fabre’s majority stake investment in the aromatherapy manufacturing business Ladrôme. As the second largest dermocosmetics laboratory in the world, and the second largest private French pharmaceutical group, the business’s work to better dermatologists' knowledge on consumer needs is sure to make a positive impact on the industry. As well as being a breakthrough for the dermatology community, the All Project is expected to have an impact on skincare as a whole. As more dermatologists gain accurate and current information on skin issues globally, an understanding of consumer needs and expectations will likely be passed on to skincare businesses and brands—resulting in more efficacious products that tackle common skincare concerns.


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