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TikTok’s Dermatology League

Published March 28, 2022
Published March 28, 2022

Traditionally, dermatology appointments were kept private, with information shared only one-on-one between a dermatologist and their customer. Recently, thanks to the rise of social media, this practice has changed significantly, with several dermatologists sharing their wisdom across multiple platforms for all to see. On TikTok alone, videos under #acne have more than doubled, from an average of 3 billion views in 2020 to an average of 6.7 billion as of last month, as well as #dermatology housing 1.3 billion videos. With the opportunity for anyone to share information under the skincare category to the app, it's vital to make sure the information consumed is correct. Therefore, here at BeautyMatter, we've rounded up five TikTok dermatologists worth talking about.


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a New-York based celebrity dermatologist, began his TikTok journey when he caught COVID back in 2020. Initially sharing his experience with the virus, Frank was one of the first people on the app to address the journey back to health. He then began to tackle myths regarding the illness, producing educational content to share with his followers, racking up an average of 3 million views and 4,000 comments. Since then, the doctor has used his platform to promote his aesthetics brand PFRANKMD, bringing in new patients and educating others by showcasing his business behind the scenes. Now, the dermatologist shares tips and tricks for anti-aging and day-in-the-life insights, posting videos showing the process of treatments and the tools used in his practice. At present, @drpauljarrodfrank has 28.5K followers, with this number multiplying by the day.


With 13.5 million followers, Muneeb Shah, aka @dermdoctor, is a TikTok and YouTube favorite. Using the mantra "education, not influence," Shah regularly emphasizes that his videos are for educational purposes and not to be taken as the be-all and end-all for skincare and health advice. While posting informational videos on different products and explaining the science behind them, the dermatologist also plays with the app's more carefree and fun aspects, creating skits and following trends. The doctor has gained a committed fan base due to his creativity, from the popular series "Derm Doctor Reacts," commenting on different videos and sharing his opinion, to skits making light of inconvenient skincare situations. Shah also reviews his favorite products, recommending different ones for each skin type.

Based in London, Dr. Aamna Ardel is a dermatologist making skincare and health fun and interactive through her videos. Focusing on a range of topics, from product recommendations to suggestions for different skin types and even hair and nail advice, Dr. Ardel is a critical player in the internet dermatology field. The dermatologist often touches on the importance of overlooked skincare products that are lesser discussed, addressing the vital use of sunscreen even in winter months and pushing for people of color to use it, explaining the scientific benefits behind its use. Ardel also tactically uses popular TikTok videos to address essential skin health issues, educating viewers whilst staying on top of trends. A recent example is her reaction video to Lil Nas X popping a pimple, quickly addressing why this should not be done and offering alternative suggestions for such a scenario.


Triple board-certified dermatologist Mamina Turegano is a TikTok dermatologist with a family-feel, wholesome vibe. Regularly posting content from her series "Tips from mom," where she shares her favorite skincare tips from her Japanese mother, Turegano is highly grateful and relatable when it comes to her work. Focusing on different body areas within each video, the dermatologist creates content for people at all life stages, touching on issues such as pre-teen acne through to pregnancy stretch marks. Separating herself from the other dermatologists on TikTok, Turegano often addresses problems that go beyond the external, including tips for better gut health and treatment for hair loss, guiding her followers to investigate the root of their issue before trying an array of products that may contribute to further problems.


For those who enjoy pimple-popping videos, Dr. Dustin Portela is a TikTok dermatologist with a passion for spot extraction. The doctor often focuses on reaction videos and posting short clips of his surgery procedures, giving an insight into the real life of a dermatologist. Portela also encourages his followers to ask questions, with a Q&A series where he responds to queries with recommendations and advice. Another popular series of videos for the dermatologist are those based specifically on acne. He addresses home remedies, products that could be causing problems, and different types of acne, such as hormonal and diet based. Aside from his TikTok page, Dr. Portela also has his own range of skincare products—208SKN, including sunscreen, cleansers, moisturizers, and more.


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