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Pinterest Predicts 2022 Beauty and Wellness Edit

December 17, 2021 Kelly Kovack
December 17, 2021

In its eighth year, Pinterest Predicts is back, and it's bigger than ever, with 175+ key trends predicted to rise in 2022. The annual Pinterest Predicts trend report is a predictive look into annual trends across categories. Pinterest analyzes its 400 million+ monthly global users who come to the platform planning what to do, try, or buy next. After many months of a global pandemic, people are looking to the future with excitement and an open mindset. They're rethinking their appearance, their celebrations, and the way they travel.

Be Jeweled

Bringing the bling to everything, Gen Z is driving this trend, accessorizing the entire body. Trending search terms:

  • Tooth Gem +85%
  • Dermal Piercing Unique +145%
  • Pedicure With Rhinestones +150%
  • Crystal Eye Makeup +110%

Puff Love

2022 will see the celebration of natural texture with big hair styling techniques like space buns and high puff hairstyles. Trending terms:

  • Hair Puff Hairstyles +165%
  • Space Buns Natural Hair +100%
  • Two Puffs Natural Hair Styles +65%
  • Short Natural Hair Styles +185%
  • Natural Hair Bun Styles +160%

Oh My Goth

No longer a phase, Goth will make its way into the mainstream this year across all age groups. Trending terms:

  • Goth Business Casual +90%
  • Goth Cowboy +70%
  • Cybergoth, Gothic anime, mall goth, and goth hair all are trending search terms in the US

Rebel Cuts

Gone are soft layers and timid trims. 2022 will be full of statement-making hair that's impossible to miss. Trending terms:

  • Bob Cut Wigs +3x
  • Octopus Haircut +2x
  • Shaved Head Dye Designs +12%
  • Short Hair Mohawk +2%
  • Mullet Hairstyle +190%


Nail art continues, but the new wave of designs are nature filled. Trending terms:

  • Galaxy Nail Art +115%
  • Aurora Nails +4x
  • Ocean Nails Acrylic +5%
  • Desert Nails +105%
  • Geode Nail Art +2x

Emotional Escape Rooms

Emotions are hot, self-care remains a focus, and creating a sanctuary at home is top of mind across generations. Trending terms:

  • Rage Room +150%
  • Music Themed Rooms +2%
  • Crystal Room +8x
  • Tiny Library Room +12x
  • Home Massage Room +190%

Check Yourself

Checkers will have a moment in 2022 driven by Millennials and Boomers. Trending terms:

  • Checkerboard Pattern +160%
  • Checkerboard Nails +165%

Mindful Menstruation

Millennials are driving education on menstrual health, from cycle phases to period care.

  • Follicular Phase +70%
  • Luteal Phase +40%
  • Period Care +3%
  • Menstrual Cycle Chart +95%
  • Period Starter Kit +85%

Higher Frequency

People are being called to a higher consciousness in 2022, with Gen Z looking for ways to raise their vibration. Trending terms:

  • How To Protect Your Energy +60%
  • How To Raise Your Vibration +145%
  • Spiritual Awakening Stages +4%
  • Aura Colors +36x
  • Frequency Healing +35%

How the trends breakdown by generational cohort:

Gen Z will revolt. These rebels with a cause are rising above the endless hustle. They're pushing the Higher frequency trend forward, focusing on good vibrations and spiritual awakenings. They're also behind the rising trend of permanent embellishments we explore in Be jeweled. And Gen Z is leading the trend toward pandemic breakup hair, embracing Rebel cuts like octopus hair and mullets.

Millennials will rethink. Millennials are finding ways to elevate the everyday. They're driving the trend toward Limitless luxe, squeezing a little more luxury into every corner of their houses. They're the generation most ahead of the trend toward Biophilic design—plant-first architecture. Millennials are spearheading the Altbashes trend—celebrations of the undercelebrated.

Gen X will (finally?) find balance. In 2022, Gen X is all about work-life balance. On the one hand, they're behind the Store decor trend, focused on creating brick-and-mortar experiences. But they'll also try all-inclusive vacation ideas that require minimal effort and zero planning—they're driving The last resort trend. Gen X-ers are also whipping up Ancestral eats—comforting classics based on traditional recipes.

Boomers will find their inner child. Boomers are taking up hobbies to keep themselves young at heart. They're making time for Kidding around and setting aside time for playful pastimes like indoor swings, useful crafts, and fairy bedroom ideas. They're at the forefront of the Barkitecture trend, redesigning their homes with their pets in mind. In 2022, they'll be the generation most game to Batter up.


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