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Q3 2023: Best Beauty Brand Launches

Published October 24, 2023
Published October 24, 2023
Athletic Cosmetic Company

In the third quarter of 2023, we have seen multiple innovative brands surface, each with their own unique angle. KJH Brand brought products to the table to help achieve the TikTok viral #glowymakeup, which currently has over 1.2 billion posts on the app. Athletic Cosmetic Company created solutions for consumers who love to engage in sports while still expressing their love for cosmetics.  Ateh Jewel Beauty debuted with the message that "through transformative self-expression and the magic of makeup, we can change the world." Recognizing the best of Q3, BeautyMatter highlights the brands that stood out among the crowd:

Carla Seipp, Editor:
"I am always excited by what makeup artist–led brands bring to the table, and Katie Jane Hughes' line is no exception. Going for a glow-first launch feels very true to her creative DNA. Athletic Cosmetic Company is speaking to a gap in the market for those who want to work out but not sport either a full face of makeup or completely bare skin while doing it. The origin story of playing tennis in Florida also spoke to me as a fellow Floridian. Last but not least, the punk in me was drawn to the name Control & Chaos, while the home fragrance aficionado in me became intrigued by the scents, especially Gridlock + Seaspray and Dropped + Mopped. The design aesthetic of the vessels feels very grounding to me, the perfect controlled minimalist antidote to the day's chaos."

KJH Brand: Editorial makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, known for her work with Ashley Graham and Hailey Bieber, has created her own brand focused on glowy skin. Debut products include the Hyper Shine High Lite Kit ($75), a three-piece kit comprising the Hyper Shine Lite Pigment, Hyper Shine Serum, and the No.1 Application Brush. The kit comes in three different shades: Lite Copper, Lite Gold, and Lite Pink. The brand is for fans of Hughes' work, with the artist aiming to show how all of its SKUs can be multipurpose, so the consumer can make the most out of makeup. Hughes stated on an Instagram Live addressing the launch, "I wanted to drop this product, see what you guys thought, and then, potentially segue and change the formula depending on how you were all using it the most."

Athletic Cosmetic Company: Co-founded by former professional Dutch tennis player Dominique van Boekel and beauty veteran Kate Solomon (who previously held positions at LVMH, L'Oréal, Babo Botanicals, and Louis Vuitton), Athletic Cosmetic Company delivers high-performance products. Solomon was taking a break from the beauty industry when her teenage son enrolled in Florida's elite sports training academy to play competitive tennis. This is when Solomon developed the inspiration behind the Athletic Cosmetic Company to create beauty products that last through playing sports and exercising. The brand has plans to sign sponsorship deals with sports teams and is launching in October with three products: Hyaluronic Gel Serum ($42), Waterproof Mascara ($28), and Hybrid Lip and Cheek Stain ($22). Future releases planned include cooling sensation eye shadows, tinted SPF 40 serum, cleanser, and facial exfoliant.

Control & Chaos: The luxury candle brand is the brainchild of Stacia Prince (previously the International Buying Director for Cult Beauty) and her brother Spencer Sheridan, and family friend and award-winning interior designer Darren Gayer. The brand is somewhat of a family affair with distribution and fulfillment being handled by Three Crowns Logistics, which Prince founded with her son, Pierce Prince. Prince's niece, Bronte Bean, and Gayer's daughter, Sadie Gayer, are taking charge of the brand's social media strategy.

When working as a global buyer Prince felt she was always disappointed with the level of fragrance from luxury candles, so she set out to attract consumers through bold scents that are designed to evoke specific experiences and moments in time. Prince tapped fashion illustrator Joanna Layla to produce original artwork for the candles' outer boxes. Each box comes in neutral tones of grays and creams with a pop of color, such as green, pink, and blue. Each candle's color aligns with the dominant color of its outer packaging. The brand is set to launch on its website on August 28 before exclusively appearing in the retail store Space NK in October. The brand is initially releasing six candles upon its debut, all priced at $65: Gridlock + Seaspray (top notes of sea salt, petrol, and aldehydes, heart notes of white flowers, and bottom notes of moss and cedarwood); Whine + Grind (top notes of caffeine, jasmine, and rose, and bottom notes of sugar and musk); Paranoia + Peppercorn (top notes of grapefruit and mandarin, heart notes of black pepper, nutmeg, and vetiver, base notes of amber and patchouli); Dropped + Mopped (top notes of honey, coconut, and buttermilk, heart notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and caramel, base notes of citronella, lime, and lemon zest); Tryst + Forgiveness (top notes of basil and mint, heart notes of violet and rose, base notes of moss and geranium); Bed + Breeze (top notes of lemon, bergamot, and linen, heart notes of tea and rose, base notes of violet).

Sophie Pitt, Editorial Associate:

"As a university student, I often looked to Ateh Jewel's writing for inspiration. I have been a fan of Jewel's journalism and activism for a while. I love the way she makes everyone feel included and addresses important issues in a comforting and supportive way. I was excited from the get-go when hearing about her namesake beauty brand, and what followed did not disappoint. Lion Pose also stood out to me this quarter. I appreciated that the brand aimed to provide highly tested products with dermatology-grade formulas that are accessible to many, not just those who have a lot of prior beauty knowledge. Lion Pose's dedication to diverse skin research is also worth highlighting, as the only way the industry will become truly inclusive is to continue learning and evolving. Tox Bar by ProMD was another favorite of mine. I like that the brand is working to bring medical beauty practices to a wider audience, positioning their bars as something to pop into and try with friends during a lunch break as opposed to a pre-planned doctor visit, which can sometimes build nerves and anticipation before the big day."

Ateh Jewel Beauty: The acclaimed beauty journalist and diversity activist of 20 years, Ateh Jewel, has launched a namesake beauty brand. The start-up comes to market with the message that "through transformative self-expression and the magic of makeup, we can change the world." Jewel positions the brand as "deeply political" and aims to reach all customers regardless of race and gender, a response to how she felt as a Black woman in beauty, "constantly on the outside looking in." The brand debuts with three blush products, created to also be used on the cheeks, lips, and eyes, available in shades Love Plum Plum, Radiant Rav, and Watson Watermelon. The blushes do not use talc or white pigments, an intentional choice from Jewel, who has struggled for several years to find products that do not produce a chalky shade; instead, they embrace the natural skin tone, adding a pop of color. Ateh Jewel Beauty markets D2C as well as being stocked in Harrods UK, and plans to reveal 20 shades of foundations for darker skin tones, candles, body care, and haircare products in the near future.

Lion Pose: Silicon Valley software alums and Harvard MBA graduates Madhu Punjabi and Nisha Phatak founded Lion Pose in a bid to raise the industry standard of clinical testing and research for underrepresented voices in the sector. Launching exclusively at Sephora, the brand aims to deliver skincare with dermatology-grade formulas to all consumers. The products were developed with Harvard-trained practicing dermatologists Dr. Laura Scott and Dr. Tia Paul, specialists in diverse skin. As well as participating in the Sephora Accelerate and Y Combinator, Lion Pose has raised $3 million from investors including Ben Van de Bunt, Talia Frenkel, Howard Klein, LH Capital, Precursor Ventures, beauty and wellness fund Ignite XL, and actress and writer Mindy Kaling, who is also acting as a brand ambassador. Products will be aimed at tackling hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and scarring on all skin tones safely and with vegan formulations.

Tox Bar by ProMD: State-of-the-art medical practice ProMD Health specializes in nonsurgical treatments and procedures and is set to debut the Tox Bar, which offers express services "designed to be done on your lunch hour, in between pickups, or as an outing with friends." The bar will offer a transparent pricing model that will allow the company to compete with even the lowest prices. ProMD founder Dr. George Gavrila says they "are eliminating all the things people hate about a doctor's visit to make these treatments accessible to more people." Dr. Gavrila came up with the idea to create a safe and social environment after listening to his patients post-pandemic who were using beauty rituals as an opportunity to socialize. Dr. Gavrila and Scott Melamed, CEO of ProMD, worked together to create a social and inclusive environment where drinks and chat can be enjoyed but that still offers the cleanliness and privacy for procedures that patients expect and deserve, particularly in saturated urban cities. The first location that the Tox Bar will debut in is Baltimore.

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