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Q3 2023: Best Beauty Product Launches

Published November 19, 2023
Published November 19, 2023
Diego Villarreal

Across Q3, a few themes surfaced among beauty product launches. Many focused on skin protection as the months fizzled out of summer and into fall; from OneSkin’s OS-01 Shield, said to undo signs of aging due to previous UV ray exposure, to Obagi’s deeply moisturizing Hydrate Light. Products for experimental makeup also came to market, including Milk Makeup’s gemstone-infused Odyssey Lip Oil Gloss and KiKi World’s 3D Play Paint Marker. Outlining the best of Q3, BeautyMatter highlights the products that caught our editorial team's attention:

Carla Seipp, Editor:

“I was saddened to hear about the shuttering of Costa Brazil, as their products, aside from supporting the conversation of the rainforest and having incredibly curated formulas, also smelled wonderful. In my opinion the brand ended on a high note with the Jungle Complex Shampoo and Conditioner launch and I hope to see them revived in the future. On the subject of hair, I have found that water quality and targeted scalp care make a huge difference, so I was intrigued by Canopy's Filtered Showerhead and Act + Acre's Microbiome Cooling Scalp Serum releases. Parfums de Marly’s Althaïr sounds like the perfect gourmand for cooler winter months, while nourishing lip formulas like The Inkey List’s Tripeptide Plumping Lip Balm and Milk Makeup's Odyssey Lip Oil Gloss are my favorite for keeping lips moisturized as temperatures drop (plus always happy to see skincare-grade ingredients in lip products!). Kiki World’s Play Paint Marker and 1 Night Strand are injecting the color cosmetics and hair coloring categories with a dose of play and experimentation, which I always appreciate, not to mention the fact that they design products in partnership with their own brand community, which I love. As for skin and health, OneSkin's OS-01 Shield is offering an exciting new advancement in terms of sun-protection benefits, and Perelel's Cycle Support capsules acknowledge the different phases of the menstrual cycle and how they can impact the body, which I greatly appreciate. I hope to see more cycle-syncing approaches to health in the future."

Costa Brazil: The now shuttered brand had taken inspiration from the Amazon with its Jungle Complex Shampoo and Conditioner ($45 each). The duo gently cleanses, hydrates, and soothes hair without stripping it, while the nutrient-dense trio of breu, cacay, and kaya moisturizes strands and helps accelerate hair growth.

Kiki World: Play Paint Marker in Night Sky ($34) is a long-lasting 3D liquid makeup pen in a deep purple shade, designed with a pointed precision brush and thick base to help create both fine and wide lines. 1 Night Strand in Purple Haze ($34) is a temporary lavender hair paint designed to give bold color without the commitment and washes out in just one wash.

Parfums de Marly: Althaïr ($350) is the latest fragrance release from the brand. The perfume is said to soothe and comfort through its warm and gentle scent. The fragrance hosts top notes of bergamot, cinnamon, and cardamom, mid notes of vanilla and elemi, and base notes of ambrosia, praline, and musk. The product is housed in a warm-toned brown bottle, said to give the complete sensory experience of the fragrance with a second-skin feel.

Perelel: Cycle Support capsules ($34.50 for subscription; $40.50 for one-time purchase) are designed to align with and support all four phases of the female hormonal cycle. A set of 28-day vitamins made of 35 capsules, the product is formulated to ease the side effects of different phases of the cycle and includes a monthlong guide to understanding the timing and nutritional needs of these phases. The product aids hormonal imbalances such as iron deficiencies, bloating, and PMS symptoms. Alongside the product, the brand is set to launch a Hormonal Hotline, which aims to educate Gen Z on the different phases of the menstrual cycle. The initiative will take place through a series of videos posted to social media covering topics such as "What is my luteal phase?"

OneSkin: OS-01 Shield ($56) is a facial sun care product said to be scientifically proven to undo signs of aging due to previous UV ray exposure and protect the skin from future advanced UV aging. The product is formulated with 100% mineral UV filters to protect against future UVA/UVB damage, pollution, and blue-light damage; five antioxidants to neutralize free radicals from UV, blue light, and pollution; as well as OS-01 Peptide, OneSkin's proprietary peptide, which is scientifically proven to reverse the biological age of skin, resulting in skin that looks and behaves like younger skin.

Act + Acre: Microbiome Cooling Scalp Serum ($68) has been created to aid customers' concerns surrounding itchy scalps. The product tackles flakes, itches, and other sensitive scalp conditions at the microbiological level and is formulated with peppermint oil that cools, soothes, and relieves the scalp, as well as Act + Acre's Amino M3 Complex that is clinically proven to purify and repair microbiota balance to protect the scalp in the long term.

Milk Makeup: Odyssey Lip Oil Gloss (£26 each) is formulated with vitamin-rich oils for a nourishing boost of hydration, available in nine non-stick shades—four shimmer shades, three cream shades, and one clear shade—Journey, Voyage, Quest, Werk, Trip, Soul Search, Explore, Globetrot, and Trek. Each gloss is made with ethically sourced crushed ruby and sapphire gemstones for a burst of color and shine with each application.

The Inkey List: The brand has launched Tripeptide Plumping Lip Balm ($12.99), its first lip balm. The lip balm is infused with a 6% tripeptide complex to visibly increase lip volume over time by boosting collagen naturally for plumper lips, and 2% ultra-filling spheres that deliver hyaluronic acid deep within the skin to retain moisture, fill fine lines, and smooth.

Canopy: An easy-to-install Filtered Showerhead ($150) has joined Canopy’s product range. The showerhead has a three-stage filtration process that reduces dissolved minerals, added chlorine, and other contaminants that may appear in household water. The showerhead is available in four metallic finishes: Polished Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, and Brass.

Sophie Pitt, Editorial Associate:

“As someone who is a huge fan of all things Gisou, I was particularly happy to hear about the launch of the Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum, a perfect solution for my bleached hair, which is often crying out for some extra moisture. Skincare is always a priority for me as someone who is constantly looking for the fix to persistent acne. Violette_FR’s Invisible Bandage feels like a breakthrough for me and my skincare journey. I love that the product is multipurpose and primes for makeup application while tackling blemishes. Obagi’s Hydrate Light was a standout this quarter, a product that leaves my skin feeling deeply moisturized whether applied on a sunny end-of-summer day or a cold autumn evening. On the topic of autumn, ESW Beauty’s Pumpkin Spice Oat Milk Mask was another favorite of mine. As someone who often finds pumpkin spice overbearing, this product was perfectly scented and benefited my skin greatly. Jamie Makeup’s B.F.M.R. Mist was another fun launch—I enjoyed the idea of a cleanser that sprays onto the face almost like a fragrance would spray onto the wrist.”

Obagi: Hydrate Light ($58) is the latest addition to the brand's best-selling Hydrate Collection. The product is a weightless gel cream moisturizer formulated with ingredients that replenish and repair the skin, including tara seed extract that helps retain moisture and polyglutamic acid and glycerin to smooth and plump the skin.

r.e.m: Ariana Grande’s beauty brand has unveiled its Sweetener Foundation ($17-$35), a buildable, blendable formula designed to be like a “second skin.” The foundation is available in 60 shades and is infused with hyaluronic acid and raspberry leaf extract to keep the skin looking and feeling hydrated.

Gisou: The haircare brand has launched Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum ($45). The product contains natural ingredients, including honey, meadowfoam oil, and Keraguard, a plant-based complex that strengthens hair and provides heat protection for styling. The serum is said to help with damage created from daily stressors, including tying hair up, combing when wet, and exposure to pollution and sunlight. According to the brand, the offering repairs and strengthens hair, providing moisture and smoothness while reducing breakage and sealing split ends.

Violette_FR: Invisible Bandage ($28) is a multitasking product that primes the skin while protecting it from blemishes and skin abrasions. The product is made from a 99% naturally derived formula and includes gm glucan granules, expozen, and niacinamide that work to soothe the skin and accelerate skin regeneration, while Acnylis treats blemishes and purifies the skin. During clinical trials of the product, which tested problematic, oily, combination, and acne-prone skin, 93% agreed it reduced redness and decreased blemish marks, and 100% agreed it soothes blemishes and reduces the look of skin imperfections.

ESW Beauty: Just in time for autumn, ESW Beauty has launched the Pumpkin Spice Oat Milk Mask ($7). Described as a pumpkin spiced latte for the skin, the compostable sheet mask is formulated with oat milk and pumpkin extract, which help reduce oil production, calm breakouts, and soothe the skin. The product is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Jamie Makeup: The celebrity MUA Jamie Greenberg has debuted their latest product, B.F.M.R. Mist ($42) aka Best F*cking Makeup Remover Mist. The mist is housed in a refillable glass bottle and is a vegan, fragrance-free, sulfate-free formulation. Aside from dissolving makeup, the product contains sugarcane-derived squalane to soften and balance the skin, moisturizing jojoba oil, and vitamin E, which helps to promote a stronger skin barrier.

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