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Spate Launches First Generative AI Consumer Trend Report

Published October 10, 2023
Published October 10, 2023
Allison Saeng via Unsplash

Each digital click, purchase, interaction, and sentiment shared amasses into an ever-growing sea of massive datasets that have become increasingly challenging to manage and interpret. Spate, a leading AI trends forecasting platform in beauty and wellness, has harnessed ChatGPT’s potential to connect the dots and offer unparalleled insights into consumer behavior.

Spate is pioneering a transformative approach to understanding consumer trends by analyzing billions of search signals across 10+ industries, unlocking unprecedented insights and strategic advantages for brands.This approach uncovers patterns and shifts in consumer behavior with unparalleled speed and accuracy that were previously impossible to discern manually.

Olivier Zimmer, CEO of Spate, expressed, “We are at the cusp of a new era where the convergence of technology and consumer insights is reshaping the way brands understand and connect with their audience. Spate is not just adapting to the changing landscape of market research—it's leading the charge. As brands seek to align with the rapidly shifting preferences of consumers, Spate will continue to explore and integrate AI advancements to ensure we are empowering our clients with deeper understandings of the consumer.” The R

The beauty consumer does not live in a vacuum—many beauty trends are highly impacted by other sectors. The combination of Spate’s AI-driven forecasting and ChatGPT's data-connecting prowess signifies a monumental shift in market research, allowing businesses to access in-depth, forward-looking insights across diverse sectors, providing a holistic view of consumer behavior to address changing consumer demands proactively.

Yarden Horwitz,co-founder of Spate, said "We're very excited about this launch because we truly believe that Generative AI will change the market research landscape for product development and marketing teams in (1) helping brands gain a more comprehensive, holistic lens of consumer behavior, (2) reducing the amount of time required for product dev and innovation research, and (3) enabling custom recommendations by category and brand."

Traditional market research methods, often labor intensive and time consuming, can no longer meet the speed and scale required by the digitally led market landscape. Finding a competitive edge today requires the ability to swiftly analyze and interpret data across diverse categories; that's where AI comes in.

“We are at the cusp of a new era where the convergence of technology and consumer insights is reshaping the way brands understand and connect with their audience."
By Olivier Zimmer, CEO, Spate

Themes Surface in Spate AI-Generated Trends Report 2023

Craving authenticity in a sea of sameness: Consumers crave authenticity and individuality in a world filled with mass-produced goods and recycled ideas.

Navigating the digital minefield: People are becoming more conscious of their online footprints. At the same time, a growing desire for a balance creates a push and pull between the digital and physical, the new and the traditional.

The pursuit of betterment and resilience: In a world filled with uncertainties, there is a growing desire for self-improvement, resilience, and personal agency.

Celebrity driven consumption: While there's a decline in specific genres, people are increasingly interested in glamour, celebrities, and big-ticket events.

Adrenaline activities: There's an evident drive towards outdoor, adrenaline-pumping activities over more passive or indoor ones, reflecting a hunger for real-life experiences and adventures.

Prioritization of experiences over possessions: There is a noticeable decline in specific types of home decor, whereas there's increased interest in themed or specialty events, hobbies, and experiences, which suggests a move toward experiential living rather than material accumulation.

Seeking diverse narratives: Themes like gay romance and vampire point to a desire for diverse narratives and genuine representation in media.

Social Consciousness: It's evident that societal issues are at the forefront of consumers' minds indicating a more socially conscious and activist-oriented populace.

From extravagant to essential: The declining trends in luxury items contrasted with a rise in fundamental topics hints at a possible shift from extravagant consumption towards essential or value-driven consumption.


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