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Taste, the Missing Element of Your Retention Strategy

Published May 12, 2024
Published May 12, 2024

Integrating habit-forming principles into product development is the critical strategic response for maintaining customer loyalty and retention in the rapidly evolving beauty industry. The beauty industry is fiercely competitive, and businesses face the formidable challenge of retaining customers. Incorporating habit-forming principles into product development is the key to success.

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear introduces a powerful framework for developing habits. He emphasizes the importance of making behaviors obvious, attractive, easy, and rewarding. By incorporating these principles into product development, businesses can create more engaging products and establish stronger customer connections. This approach has significant benefits, including increased customer loyalty, retention, and profitability. In this article, we will mainly focus on the “make it attractive” and “make it easy” principles of Clear’s habit-forming framework.

The beauty industry comprises a wide range of topical products designed to improve the user’s aesthetic appeal. These products are created to be attractive and thus habit-forming by primarily focusing on their texture and scent—an appealing moisturizer texture or a refreshing facial spray scent can elevate routine application into a cherished part of daily skincare. However, taste, one of the most potent senses, is inherently ignored in topical products due to their application nature. As a result, the potential of this sense in enhancing the experiences of users with beauty products remains mainly unexplored.

Meanwhile, the burgeoning sector of nutricosmetics and beauty supplements introduces taste as a critical driver of consumer loyalty and repeated use. With customer loyalty becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, brands are now focusing on incorporating enjoyable flavors and formats into their ingestible beauty products to appeal to their customers. This not only enhances the appeal of the products but also creates enjoyable experiences for customers, encouraging consistent use and deeper engagement with the brand. A delightful flavor can transform the routine of taking a supplement from a mundane task into a pleasurable daily ritual, enhancing user retention significantly.

“We harness deep insights into human behavior and neuroscience to inform our product design."
By Primož Artač, CEO, Tosla Nutricosmetics

On the other hand, it’s just as important to make adopting a new habit easy as it is to make it enjoyable. Our brains prefer to conserve energy by gravitating towards simple and effortless routines. That’s why it’s essential to have formats that require no mixing or preparation and fit seamlessly into any daily routine. By reducing the obstacles associated with traditional beauty routines or supplement intake, we ensure that our products fit easily into consumers’ lives, increasing the chances of long-term adoption.

Primož Artač, CEO at Tosla Nutricosmetics, said, “We harness deep insights into human behavior and neuroscience to inform our product design. Our patented VELIOUS flavor technology and strong focus on liquid formats exemplify our commitment to making each supplement intake a delightful experience, ensuring that supplements are effective and eagerly anticipated each day.”

“Our range of liquid beauty products showcases how well-crafted flavors can elevate the appeal and satisfaction of supplements, motivating individuals to use them daily, and fostering a sense of loyalty in the long run. This sensory gratification plays a crucial role in transforming sporadic usage into regular behavior, thereby promoting the formation of healthy habits, which in turn, lead to visible health and beauty results,” added Uroš Gotar, Chief Innovation Officer.

The formation of habits is crucial not only for consumer satisfaction but also for the
profitability and growth of a business. This is particularly relevant in the beauty industry, where new products and brands are constantly emerging. Expanding your portfolio with a product that is designed for habitual use not only ensures a steady revenue stream but also improves the cost-effectiveness of marketing efforts. Customers who continue to use a product contribute more to the bottom line, and the resources required to reacquire them are reduced.

The strategy of pairing ingestible supplements with topical products creates a
competitive edge by using consistent supplement usage and repeat buys to increase sales of complementary topical products. For example, a customer who regularly uses a collagen drink for skin health may be more likely to purchase a collagen-infused face cream from the same brand. This collaboration not only boosts sales across the product line but also enhances the user experience by providing a complete beauty regimen. As the beauty industry continues to evolve, integrating sensory enjoyment and habit-forming science into product development is not just beneficial but necessary for maintaining competitiveness and customer loyalty. By creating products that delight the senses and ease the routine, Tosla Nutricosmetics leads the way in ensuring that beauty supplements are not only consumed but enjoyed, creating a profitable pattern of consumer behavior that supports sustained business growth.

In an era where beauty is increasingly understood as a regimen that nurtures from
within, Tosla stands committed to innovating products that meet this new consumer ethos, promising a future where beauty and wellness are inseparably linked.