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Temp-Tail: The BeautyMatter Pop-Up Activations Roundup

Published June 30, 2022
Published June 30, 2022
Costa Brazil

The summer’s beckoning call of sunshine and warm temperatures sets the ideal jovial tone for pop-up installations. Back in March, Lush launched a 24-hour vending machine for products, in May The Inkey List presented a temporary browsing space for consumers, and this month, even more brands are adding exciting ventures to the mix as shoppers eagerly reembrace physical spaces. With the pop-up retail market value in the US estimated at $14 billion, 80% of global brands that tried pop-up experiences deeming them successful, and 32% of surveyed brands looking to expand their use of these activations in the coming year, there is certainly more unexplored experiential territory ahead.


Trailblazing makeup artist and creative director Isamaya Ffrench isn’t one for conventionality. Naturally, the debut capsule collection of the Isamaya beauty line, entitled Industrial—complete with aptly themed products such as the Rubberlash Latex Lift Mascara, adorned with captive-bead rings normally reserved for the world of body piercing—will be making its mark with a swift retail fling in London’s buzzy Soho district (a nightlife-fueled neighborhood where one is sure to stumble upon a latex- or piercing-embellished person or two) before its official Selfridges and online launch.

Costa Brazil

Francisco Costa’s fashion pedigree and eye for luxury beauty aesthetics equates to an impressively alluring retail activation. “People will be able to embrace the textures, the scents and gain perspective into what the brand really means. Most of the brands that have claimed to be green in the past haven’t been very sexy, or sensual, where we have both of those coming together,” Costa explains. That equates to 3,000 square feet of wooden interiors and digital screens showing “Awavena” (a 2018 virtual-reality–fueled production depicting the first female shaman of the Yawanawá people) in Soho, NYC. On display, among the company’s current lineup, will be its inaugural fragrance, Aroma, which launched in May 2022.

Beauty Pie

The online membership-based brand has now found a (temporary) physical home at Harvey Nichols for the next three months, with even non-members getting the opportunity to have a proverbial slice. Existing members will receive discounts of up to 80%, while others can purchase a limited drop-in pass to receive 50% off retail prices.  There will also be events such as masterclasses and an opportunity to meet Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore. “Harvey Nichols has the vision, the sense of humour, and emboldened take on radical new retail ideas—and knows how to keep their shopping experience fresh, fun and new,” Kilgore states. “When they approached us offering to host our first ever pop-up, it was impossible not to.”

Valentino Beauty

Duty-free shopping hasn’t had a reputation for being the most experiential of retail ventures, but Valentino Beauty is injecting Terminal 2F at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport with some unexpected Italian luxury, featuring the house’s makeup and fragrance lines. Aside from expert makeup applications and augmented-reality consultations courtesy of ModiFace, travellers can also take advantage of self-personalised Valentino cards and a branded photo booth.

Be it through exclusive discounts, immersive AR and VR experiences, or brand-aligned locations, the pop-up experience is gaining wider traction among companies looking to experiment with unconventional retail formats that don’t require long-term financial or legal commitments. For consumers, the time-capped and experience-filled formats can provide a bigger incentive for eschewing the comforts of online shopping. Here today, gone tomorrow—but with benefits.


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