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The Body Shop Mobilizes Young People to Vote

Published August 23, 2022
Published August 23, 2022
The Body Shop

Midterm elections in the US are around the corner. In the current tribal political environment, one thing should not be debated, and that's the importance of making your voice heard through voting. Activist beauty brand The Body Shop has made a bold commitment to drive youth voter engagement and registration across the country ahead of the midterm elections this November.

In the US, participation by young voters in elections is typically 20 to 30 percent lower than older voters, and they routinely face structural barriers to voting, including complicated rules about absentee voting, state-by-state ambiguities, and lack of civic education.

"The Body Shop believes that youth need a seat at the table where important decisions are being made, especially rulings that directly affect them," said Hilary Lloyd, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility for The Body Shop North America. "Over the last few years, we have been deeply inspired by how young people have flexed their political voice through direct protesting, lobbying their representatives and advocating for causes online. Now, we're proud to help amplify their voices at the ballot box."

Visitors to The Body Shop's US stores and website can learn about the importance of voting in this year's elections, check their current registration status, and register to vote through the brand's virtual voting hub, made possible by Impactree and TurboVote. This effort is an extension of Be Seen. Be Heard, the global campaign from The Body Shop and the United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth focused on amplifying youth perspectives and representation in public life in more than 75 countries.

The beauty brand is partnering with Generation Citizen, a national nonpartisan organization that equips and inspires young people to exercise their civic power, to educate and motivate young people to engage in the democratic process in this year's midterm elections and beyond.

The product tie-in “Flex Your Power Pack” includes travel-size versions of the brand's bestsellers. For every pack sold, $1 up to $25,000 will be donated to Generation Citizen to support the organization's vital work in civics education.

"We're excited to partner with The Body Shop to ensure that the most diverse generation in American history can make their voice heard and exercise the most fundamental American right, which is the right to vote," said Elizabeth Clay Roy, CEO of Generation Citizen. "Through this campaign, we hope to not only provide young people with the tools to engage in our democracy, but also to help them feel eager and empowered to do so."


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