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The Every Body Campaign: Beauty’s War Against Anti-Abortion Laws

Published October 25, 2022
Published October 25, 2022
The Every Body Campaign

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many Americans have expressed their opinion on reproductive rights. Some have taken bold approaches (see Dame x Mischief’s Senator Mitch McConnell–themed dildo), while others have gone down a more legislative route. Regardless of how and when, every voice that speaks out adds to the collective demand to be listened to. Most recently, in the efforts to be heard loud and clear, female-founded clean beauty brand Saie launched The Every Body Campaign, a first-of-its-kind human rights activation that joins together several names across the industry in the war against reproductive injustices.

Veracity, Glow Recipe, and Freck are amongst the 35+ brands joining forces with Saie to raise awareness and funds for the reproductive rights campaign. Through the initiative, brands are repackaging their best-selling products in a limited-edition “Every Body Green” cartoon, inspired by the green bandanas and smoke present at abortion rights demonstrations. “At Saie, our mission, first and foremost, is to feel good and do good for people and the planet. Period,” says Laney Crowell, founder and CEO of Saie. “As a mother of two daughters, I couldn’t sit back and feel helpless with our rights on the line. I’m grateful and encouraged that so many like-minded brands jumped at the chance to participate, partner, and contribute to The Every Body Campaign. It’s our responsibility to use our platforms to advocate for the right to govern our own bodies and create incredible change.”

100% of the sale proceeds across all companies will go to SisterSong, a national activist organization dedicated to protecting those most affected by the legislation, especially Indigenous women and women of color, as well as encouraging votes for pro-choice political candidates. “Women of color in states with restrictive abortion laws often are battling multiple layers of oppression that impact their ability to access healthcare and make decisions about their own bodies,” says Executive Director of SisterSong Monica Simpson. “The Every Body Campaign is catapulting big beauty to the forefront of the fight for reproductive justice by turning their platforms into battlegrounds that will give consumers a unique pathway to organize against anti-abortion laws. SisterSong is dedicated to protecting our human right to bodily autonomy, and the donations raised from this campaign has the power to change the lives of thousands.”

The Every Body Campaign is a vital move for the female-dominated beauty industry, encouraging those who are unhappy to find their voice and express their views. The initiative carries a strong message and an opportunity for a great way to involve women and anyone who wishes to contribute to the movement, but who may not feel comfortable attending events such as street protests.

The campaign is the largest beauty industry–backed reproductive rights initiative to date, and a powerful way to encourage voting ahead of the midterm elections. Updates from the movement can be found across all participating brands' Instagram and TikTok accounts, with products available to shop now while stocks last, from


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