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The Future of the Digital Makeup Experience: Predicting the Customer Journey

Published December 8, 2021
Published December 8, 2021

Powered by the convergence of beauty, health, and wellness, the beauty industry has experienced rapid transformation over the last few years. And with today’s consumers living in a multi-channel, multi-device, and multi-platform world, consumers are constantly exposed to new products, brands, and information, and as a result, customer journeys have become more complex, information filled, and definitely not linear—leaving consumers with a lack of confidence in their decision-making at any given stage of the customer journey.

Therefore, it can be difficult for brands and retailers to anticipate consumer behavior without better visibility into their customer journeys. That's why offering consumers an all-inclusive digital makeup experience, like the newly launched AI Makeup Advisor powered by Revieve, can help brands and retailers gain intelligence on customers' interactions across all touchpoints.

"The makeup category was impacted by the pandemic. However, consumers are now finding their way back. But, how consumers buy makeup today has changed—and so has makeup. Consumers today take a holistic approach to beauty, one that combines well-being and health. In makeup particularly, taking care of your skin is step one, and using makeup products that double on that is step two. Helping consumers find the right makeup products based on their skin needs will be fundamental regardless of the channel your customers prefer to buy," said Sampo Parkkinen, CEO and founder at Revieve.

Making the customer journey predictable

Leveraging this technology—which features the most reliable AI-driven selfie analysis, and personalized product recommendations, as well as realistic virtual try-on capabilities—provides brands and retailers with valuable insight into consumer needs and how they interact with consumers across all touchpoints.

This allows you to put your customers in focus and understand their desires, obtain a holistic understanding of who they are from their selfie analysis, and help them discover exactly what they want with AI-powered recommendations based on the shared desires and needs, and in turn, make the customer journey more predictable.

Creating a seamless, all-in-one experience

With AI-powered technology like the AI Makeup Advisor, product discovery also becomes a less daunting task for consumers, which is paramount for brands and retailers looking to better engage with and ultimately convert their consumers.

It also bridges the gap between in-store and online retail by delivering a wide range of color cosmetics in front of the ideal customers at their convenience.

Building trust and loyalty with consumers

By enabling highly personalized and meaningful interactions, brands and retailers can increase their connections with consumers. Furthermore, consumers can discover themselves, purchase with confidence, and strengthen the relationship they have with brands. This in turn will allow brands and retailers to build trust and loyalty with consumers.