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Published July 24, 2020
Published July 24, 2020
via The Good Face Project App

The Good Face Project believes that clean beauty is the new standard, and is on a mission to fix the broken beauty industry by educating consumers on key ingredients in products they use each and every day.

Committed to clean and personalized beauty, the company claims to be the world’s largest data-driven index of cosmetic ingredients. The founding team of engineers and data scientists has analyzed more than 45,000 products, and graded over 80,000 individual ingredients across 15 dimensions of safety, effectiveness, and cosmetic benefits. Powered by a comprehensive ingredient ontology, The Good Face Project provides a safety grade determined by analyzing product labels and screening every ingredient for efficacy and toxicity.

The new app for iOS mobile devices uses powerful AI algorithms to prompt users to answer questions regarding their skincare needs and goals, factoring in lifestyle choices and other natural elements, to provide a personalized, shoppable skincare regimen of clean beauty products available on the market. Through data-driven analysis of skincare needs, The Good Face Projects provides users with clean and shoppable products tailored to specific consumer goals. The Good Face Project App provides consumers with the space to discover safe and effective products while offering beauty brands insight into consumer needs.

The deep-learning engine behind The Good Face Project continuously analyzes scientific data to weed out harmful ingredients that may otherwise be included in top-selling products.

“Each year, nealy 3,000 new beauty brands are launched in the U.S., and while there never seems to be a lack of options when it comes to makeup and skincare, there is still a major lack in regulation,” said Iva Teixeira, co-founder and CEO of The Good Face Project. “Some of the industry’s top brands are still including ingredients like formaldehyde and carcinogens in their products, making them entirely unsafe to use, but not regulated enough to be pulled from shelves. This was the impetus for founding The Good Face Project alongside my co-founder, Lena Skliarova. The launch of the Good Face app is a huge step forward in our continued commitment to put consumers at the center of the beauty industry and empower them with information about the products they’re using.”

For clean beauty brands that relied heavily on in-person purchases, The Good Face Project provides a new distribution for sales.

“Wayfund is thrilled to have been a part of the Good Face Project’s Angel Round earlier this year,” said Ryan Durkin, Director at Wayfund. “We believe that the team’s trifecta of ecommerce experience, knowledge of the beauty industry, and machine learning expertise, make The Good Face Project poised for rapid growth and success. The launch of the Good Face app is an important milestone for both the company and the beauty industry as a whole.”

The company is also participating in the Target Technology Accelerator 2020 Cohort.


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