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The Gxve Community: Gwen Stefani’s Fan-Oriented Ambassador Program

September 13, 2022
September 13, 2022

Aside from music, singer Gwen Stefani has always had a passion for makeup, with her interest in cosmetics starting at a young age. Having previously worked as a makeup artist across department stores in Orange County, Stefani knows a thing or two about the tricks of the beauty trade. The musician broke into the beauty industry launching her debut fragrance L L.a.m.b by Gwen Stefani in 2007. Alongside her musical skills, Stefani’s makeup artistry and style continues to be a defining characteristic of her creative vision. The singer launched Gxve Beauty in March 2022, offering clean, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup. “Gxve Beauty is the next chapter of my life. It’s an extension of my passion for being creative, finding an identity, and being artistic. Makeup gives you the freedom to play the roles you want to play,” says Stefani.

Most recently, Gxve Beauty dove into the online interactive side of the beauty industry with the launch of The Gxve Community, “a proprietary digital platform that gives consumers the tools they need to create, share and inspire with their unique makeup looks.” The platform also allows consumers to benefit financially through a commission-based initiative with payment prices above the industry average.

The Gxve Community was created through Stefani’s desire to find new and exciting ways to interact with makeup fans in the digital age, an idea that stemmed from her wish that there had been access to such platforms when she was coming up in her career. The multihyphenate artist draws beauty inspiration from her mother, aunts, and grandmother. As a result, she wanted to make The Gxve Community a welcoming space that creates a sense of togetherness. Highlighting her wish to collaborate with the people who have always been her supporters, Stefani addresses fans of her work with gratitude, “We’ve always had this exchange of love, whether it be through the music I’ve written or fashion and now beauty. If you love makeup and you love to be yourself, you’ll love this community, and I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.”

To apply for The Gxve Community, consumers are encouraged to visit the Ambassador Program tab on the Gxve website. From there, entrants are asked to provide links to their social media accounts and a short personal statement that outlines why they would like to become a “Gxver.” Despite sharing social platform links, no minimum follower count is required for the chance to be considered as an ambassador—just a passion for makeup and a positive attitude. The platform offers successful applicants the opportunity to gain exclusive access to videos from Stefani, product education and application tutorials, social content and product education, and the ability to engage in polls and chats. Ambassadors will also receive a 30% commission on any items they sell through a personalized link, one of the highest standardized rates in the industry.

“Gwen Stefani is a visionary. When she does anything—she’s all in,” says New Theory Ventures Entrepreneur in Residence Stuart Leitch. “With zero promotion of the Ambassador Program, we’ve been blown away by the overwhelming number of people who organically signed up. Our early beta testers embody Gwen’s spirit—they’re learning from each other, being creative, and lifting each other up. There’s a real magic in the experience. Every day is a new opportunity to share creatively, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to open up the community to everyone.”

The success of the project despite only being in its beginning stages is a testament to the power of community-driven brand marketing. With the onset of Web3 and more interactive brand initiatives regularly surfacing, The Gxve Community is set to be a powerful tool in promoting brand loyalty with customers.


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