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“The Most Interesting Store in the World” Opens in Brooklyn

Published November 10, 2022
Published November 10, 2022

As shoppers return to immersing themselves in physical retail therapy after only having the option of shopping online, companies have had to find interactive and innovative ways to connect with their consumers and drive sales. According to Mood Media, 90% of customers are likely to stay in a store and make repeat visits if there is a pleasant atmosphere and shopping experience. In the hopes of offering the shopping escapade many Americans desire, Showfields has opened its fourth temporary themed retail experience in Brooklyn, named House of Showfields.

The company, which launched in 2019, offers mission-driven products, art, and events at its locations in Manhattan, Miami, Los Angeles, and of course, now Brooklyn. The lifestyle discovery store invites shoppers to experience "what home looks like through their eyes," and is located at 187 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg.

The new store's design was inspired by the architecture of the surrounding neighborhood, with a deconstructed brownstone façade welcoming guests as they enter the building. This reception area, named The Stoop, holds a heavy nature focus, with several pet-based brands, as well as offerings from female-founded organic plant care brand Flourish, arranged in a welcoming display.

Across the space, several different "zones" highlight a wide range of subcategories for consumers to dive into. Specifically, The Style Zone features an assortment of brands that offer apparel, accessories, and beauty products, with names such as farm-to-beauty brand Esas Beauty and Simihaze Beauty found on display. As well as cosmetics brands, popular wellness labels such as Flamingo and Blue Shift Nutrition are available for purchase.

Lush also makes an attention-grabbing appearance, with a sensory experience room created as an ode to the brand's Sleepy collection, allowing visitors to wind down and find respite before or after shopping. Throughout their experience, shoppers are encouraged to use the Showfields Magic Wand app, which unlocks exclusive discounts that can only be redeemed in physical stores, brand information, and a concierge-style checkout. Allowing visitors to immerse themselves in technology further, the central hub of the location, The Living Room, features interactive elements such as a self-playing piano and will be the location for future technology programming-focused events.

Unlike most stores, Showfields does not offer permanent concessions within its retail locations; the company rejects a classic wholesale model and instead features temporary pop-ups, with brands paying a fee directly to Showfields depending on the amount of space they require, and the number of SKUs they offer. The store also hosts an area named The Guest House, which provides larger-scale pop-ups and experiential activations, the first of these being Dine by Design, a collaborative production by Apartment Therapy and Pinterest, hosted from opening day November 2 to November 13. Continuing the wellness theme, The Guest House is also set to host Refresh & Release, a yoga workshop with S3 Yoga founder Savanna Stevens on November 12 and 13.

As consumers begin to look for more fulfilling interactions when shopping in-store, retailers will continuously be expected to up their game, offering not only the opportunity to shop but also to take part in brand-related activities and events. With more flexible stocking solutions, the space provides opportunities for up-and-coming brands and smaller businesses, displaying a less commitment-heavy retail model compared to traditional models. Described as "the most interesting store in the world," House of Showfields seems to have catered to shoppers' fast-evolving wishes, creating an enticing customer journey from start to finish.

BeautyMatter Founder Kelly Kovack in conversation with Katie Hunt, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Showfields

Startup life is not for everyone but those who are bitten by the bug are often ready, willing and able to jump into exciting opportunities with both feet. Clearly an over-achiever, Katie Hunt has set out to reinvent retail, building the most interesting store in the world. Listen now.


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