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#PerfumeTok Pioneers: Fragrance Influencers Worth Noting

Published June 1, 2023
Published June 1, 2023
Troy Ayala

#PerfumeTok features all things fragrance across the trend-setting app and has racked up 2.7 billion views. As TikTok is such a visual app, it takes a certain type of skill to be able to portray the scent of a perfume through a video, but for some people, this comes naturally. These individuals are of course fragrance influencers, who use their extensive knowledge and expertise to interact with the internet, and portray an accurate depiction of today's best-selling scents through video. From those creating videos assigning scents to different personality traits, to dupe discoveries and more, these fragrance influencers are taking over #PerfumeTok one nose at a time:

@Funmimonet: Funmi Monet, AKA "your fav fragrance auntie," found her calling as a fragrance influencer in 2018 when her therapist suggested she immerse herself in things that spark joy. For Monet, beauty was where she found the most joy, which led her to become part of the ever-growing #PerfumeTok. Today, the creator has almost 380K followers that she shares her opinions and expertise with.  The creator has something for every fragrance fan—across her account, Monet interacts with her followers through videos that are sectioned into categories, from Save $$$ on perfume, where she suggests the best dupes for popular fragrances, to perfume guides recommending the most fitting scents for each season. Monet interacts with her followers in a colloquial tone, making each video educational and interesting for all, regardless of the fragrance knowledge they had prior to watching her content. The vlogger also takes a comical approach with her content, with one video jokingly speaking about the risks of encountering people who wear certain perfumes and their personalities, with this video currently holding 24K views. The perfume expert also has her own fragrance, Exalté by Funmi Monet, a floral scent with notes of Turkish rose and jasmine, created alongside Bella Aura Skincare, which launched in 2022.

@Professorperfume: A self-described "full-time fragrance fangirl," Professor Perfume (Emelia) has 311K loyal followers on TikTok. The fragrance connoisseur fills FYPs with scent-based videos, offering her expertise and helping to make sense of the world of perfumery. The content creator is popular due to her wide range of videos, from her Sniffbusters series—testing out TikTok theories, including "the best way to apply perfume" and "does the size of a fragrance container affect the scent"—to her Perfume Aesthetics series—associating specific internet aesthetics with fragrances that follow a theme, from "cool girl in a cafe scents," to "fragrances that romanticize autumn," among many others. The TikToker has a talent for helping people to visualize scents, often posting mood boards of images that she feels relate to fragrances, a popular example being the comparison of Chanel Chance to the visual images of heaven, angels, and all things fresh and pure. At the end of 2022, Professor Perfume sparked a debate on TikTok after she reacted to several people storing their perfumes in their bathrooms, which she believes leads to the spoiling of fragrances at a faster pace than usual due to the constant temperature change that takes place in the room. The video received over 470K likes and led to several response videos, with perfume fans and influencers alike sharing their opinions. Recently, the creator partnered with fine fragrance brand Snif to launch the Vow Factor fragrance. The collaboration came after several videos of Emelia trying to decipher which scent she would wear on her upcoming wedding day, leading to her creating the scent with Snif, with notes of mandarin, neroli, and cedarwood, which is now available for her fans and Snif consumers to purchase.

@Travaulyawallace: Fragrance stylist Travaulya Wallace believes that fragrances have personalities that shine through them. The influencer posts videos assigning different scents to different groups of people, from UPS employees and teachers, to CEOs and celebrities; there isn't any person for whom Wallace struggles to assign a fragrance. The stylist is an official Nordstrom fragrance advisor with fragrance edits at Nordstrom online. She also offers an online fragrance consultation service, where she walks clients through recommendations of fragrances that fit their style, personality, and values. Recently, the stylist hosted her own private fragrance party, "Spray It Loud and Proud," where 200 followers and clients were invited to immerse themselves in Wallace's perfume collection, learning from and networking with other fragrance fans. Off the back of the success of the first event, the creator has hinted at a tour around other cities to reach a wider audience of fans. As well as offering advice on which fragrances suit which person, Wallace also takes to her page to post videos explaining the basics of popular perfumes, with one video revealing the correct pronunciation of fragrance brands, receiving over 5.6 million views.

@Paulreactss: Known for his comical catchphrase "Okay, bitch," @paulreacts approaches fragrance-influencing in a fun, sassy, and informative way. From celebrity fragrances to high-end luxury scents, the influencer has a breadth of knowledge on all things perfumery that he shares with his 1.3 million followers. As his handle states, Paul is frequently seen reacting to the latest perfume drops, sharing his opinions and recommendations through stitching videos across #PerfumeTok. The creator is often praised for his knowledge of dupes, with several followers reaching out to him in the comments to find the best similar-smelling fragrance to popular luxury smells. Paul is often the first to discuss emerging trends within the industry, as well as informing followers of discontinuations soon to occur, recommending similar scents similar so that people do not have to say goodbye to their favorite smells forever. The creator often constructs his videos based on what followers want to learn or find out. Through this process, he is unafraid to be his authentic self, sharing his likes and dislikes through videos rating perfumes using the hashtags #paulreactsapproved and #notpaulreactsapproved. Across the vlogger's page, another well-liked element is his Perfume Hunting series, where he can be seen visiting a range of shops, including Ulta, Walmart, and Marshalls, informing followers of his best finds and where to get the best buy for their bucks.


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