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Trends Taking Over TikTok In March

Published April 5, 2022
Published April 5, 2022
hosein zanbori via Unsplash

Another month, another series of trends surging through TikTok fighting for the top spot. With the average user clicking on the app 13 times a day, there is always a demand for new and fresh content. From jaw highlight to semi-permanent contour, here’s this month's beauty trends, put together by BeautyMatter.

Fabulous Flaws

Now more than ever, flaws are becoming increasingly celebrated across social media, with several influencers and celebrities promoting self-love. The push for self-acceptance has come so far that users across TikTok are adapting to and creating a trend out of features that were once considered to be flaws. From faux freckles to purposely dark-painted undereyes, the things several individuals have tried to remove from their body for years are suddenly in vogue. 

User @stephani.p took to the app recently to share how she gets her faux freckles looking so natural. The secret ingredient? L'Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Root Concealer Spray, originally created with the purpose to cover grays. Due to the thinness of the spray’s nozzle, the product comes out in small specs and, when held 10 centimeters away from the face, creates a light speckled look, as demonstrated by Stephani. The video, with now over 270K likes, received a split reaction, with some praising the creator for sharing her secret product, and others disheartened. One user commented: “You mean to tell me I spent most of my teen years wearing way too much foundation because I thought my freckles needed to hide and now all of a sudden they're pretty?!” However, despite the frustration from some, the trend doesn't seem to be dying. Spate also recently reported a 31.5% increase in Google searches for freckle tattoos. Maybe this trend could become more permanent than it seems.

Filtered Makeup

Similar to last month's eyebrow-shaping trend, TikTok’s filters are continuing to give content creators a nudge towards what they do or don’t do with their makeup. While the original trend consisted of users recreating full-face makeup looks seen on filters, the newest go-to is allowing multiple makeup filters to choose each stage of the look, from lips through to eyes. In the video, presented by regular trendsetter @mimiermakeup, eyeliner options flicker through various options, landing on one, which the makeup artist then recreates. 

The trend has gained a large amount of traction due to the easy-going, fun feel, allowing viewers of the video to see the options of the makeup as if it were already applied. The fake freckles then come into play, with the creator using a freckle filter and matching each dot with a freckle pen. The video has received over 2.1 million views and just under 400K likes within one week of being posted, with hundreds of comments insisting the creator do a part two of the video. 

Several viewers are also recreating the trend, with some going beyond an everyday makeup look. @sydney_art took a twist on the trend, using flower filters instead of natural makeup filters, painting her face with small daisies across the nose.

Jaw Highlight

Just when it seemed that highlight had covered every aspect of the face, from cheekbones to brow bones, cupid’s bows, and noses, another angle of the face has stepped in and demanded to shine: the jawline. Bella Hadid is the person to thank for this. Back at the start of the year, the model posted a series of images to Instagram, in one of which she was seen kissing a friend with her jawline literally glowing, catching the light of the camera perfectly—and of course, TikTok went crazy.

Since then, numerous makeup content creators and even professional makeup artists such as Jaclyn Forbes have put their spin on the look. The look is created using a dewy liquid foundation, followed by a cream foundation across the jawline, cream or liquid highlight layered on top, and finally set with powder highlight—never a matte powder. The creation has been named by several users as “The face of Dior,” after several have used Dior’s Backstage Glow to recreate the look, a product Hadid is known to commonly use as a Dior Beauty ambassador. #Jawhighlight now houses over 11.2 billion views across TikTok, with endless numbers of these videos relating directly to Bella Hadid’s look.


It’s funny to think there once was a time when contour wasn’t popular—something mainly used by drag queens eventually becoming mainstream through the use of apps like Instagram, from the likes of the Kardashians. Now, the everyday look is getting a revamp thanks to TikTok: enter the tantour. The process of fake tanning the face with a Beautyblender, tantouring is essentially semi-permanent contour, giving a natural sun-kissed glow without actually having to lay in the sun or sacrifice SPF. 

The trend was made popular by user @imonaugust, who originally posted the video for “people who want to look sun kissed without the sun damage, including POC.” The video sees August take a thin makeup brush and line the natural crevices of the face with fake tan such as the cheekbones, temples, nose, and around the mouth. He then blends it in using a Beautyblender. The original video has received 2.8 million views, with a recent, more in-depth tutorial receiving 4.8 million views. The trend has also been recreated by several of August’s fans.

Tantour is also the name of Huda Beauty’s cream contour product, which has been around for several years and recently came to light again on TikTok. The product has gained recognition for the same reasons as August’s tantour: the fact that it allows people with darker skin tones to gain a perfect sun-kissed complexion, which general products usually don’t allow, due to a lack of diversity in makeup.

White Concealer

The white concealer trend is brightening up the undereyes of thousands of TikTok users. Created to solve the issue of concealer color matches, the trend sees users apply a white concealer generously under the eyes and then layer their usual foundation on top. Once the foundation is added, the white is entirely covered and ends up perfectly concealing dark circles and highlighting the face, all while matching the skin's natural color.

The trend originally went viral at the end of last year, with the likes of e.l.f. cosmetics and L.A. Girl concealers taking center stage, with no end in sight in the near future. As displayed by multiple users, the trend not only covers blemishes and dark circles in the way a usual concealer would, it also massively brightens the eyes and leaves them as a stand-out feature, looking lifted. The video was originally posted by @bluemarinebae, who has now received 3.7 million views on the video, as well as 629K likes. 

Various users have questioned whether the look is worth it. One user went to the comments adding, “Wait until someone takes a picture of you with the flash”; another comment reads, “Surely it doesn't look very good in real life.” But this hasn’t stopped the continuous growth of the creation, with more and more videos featuring the trend appearing each day.


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