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Trends That Walked off the Runway and on to TikTok

Published September 12, 2023
Published September 12, 2023
matthew reyes via Unsplash

Each year, as fashion weeks come and go, a mass of trend predictions pop up across the industry, with experts and fans discussing the potential defining styles from varying shows. Back in Q1, when the AW/23 runways rolled out, beauty was presented with a range of possible trends, from animal-inspired makeup to tousled bed head hairstyles. Taking a look back at these predictions, Beauty Daily by Clarins investigated the most popular beauty techniques across social media and assessed how the two related to each other. From pre-predicted blunt bobs to unpredicted strawberry makeup, BeautyMatter outlines the key findings:

AW/23 Forecasted Trends

Soft Goth: Named as the most significant beauty trend of AW/23, soft goth is defined by a lighter, more glam-led approach to the usual gothic look. Having amassed 1 billion views on TikTok under all soft goth-related hashtags, popular looks include smudged kohl eyeliner and deep smokey eyes accompanied by a neutral lip. The trend came to light back at Etro's AW/23 show, where models were seen with deeply contoured cheeks, thick eyeliner around the entire eye, and glossy lips with slight hints of purple. According to Beauty Daily by Clarins, Pinterest beauty searches were also inundated by soft goth-related content, having increased by 300% since last year. Accompanying the trend, searches for "black nail sets" have increased by 9,500% from last year, with "black chrome nails" being the most popular, increasing 300%, and "black French tips" rising 80%.

Crystal Details: Crystals and rhinestones were popular among many AW/23 shows, dotted all over the body, and beauty lovers have been incorporating these decorative elements into their makeup and hair routines. The trend was seen on David Koma's runway, where models were seen sporting bold red lips, with  bottom lips studded with red rhinestones. At Louis Vuitton, model's under eyes were decorated with square silver rhinestones. The trend has seen huge demand on social media, with 825.7 million views on TikTok under rhinestone makeup-related searches and hashtags. On Pinterest, searches for "long nails with gems" have increased by 1,500% from last year, and both "eye gem makeup" and "hair gems" have increased 100% from last year.

Celestial Metallics: According to data, celestial metallics are the third-ranking biggest prepredicted trend from AW/23 runways. Showcased at Harris Reed in the form of gold foils worked into finger waves and silver spider prints painted on faces at Thome Browne, all that glittered in at AW/23 was gold (and silver). On TikTok, celestial metallics currently hold 162 million views among related hashtags. On Pinterest, "gold chrome nails" are up 400% from last year, "gold star nails" are up 300%, and "silver chrome nails" have increased 700%. Inspired by celestial metallics, ethereal makeup is also having a popular moment on Pinterest, up 100%, with several looks including metallic eyeshadow, metallic speckled lip glosses, and bright bold highlighter.

Blunt Bob: The blunt bob has attracted several beauty consumers' interest since its moment on the AW/23 runway at Christopher Kane, with models showcasing sleek and shiny styles. Flooding TikTok FYPs, the blunt bob has gathered over 98.8 million views, but despite this large figure, Beauty Daily by Clarins attributes the trend's lesser search numbers to some consumers not having the confidence to make such a bold and dramatic chop. As an alternative, many are seeking out different variations of the trend; on Pinterest, users are searching for the "Italian bob," a take on the blunt bob with a more naturally wavy look, which has seen a 200% increase in searches since last year. "French bob" has also seen a lot of attention; It's a slightly shorter version of the blunt bob, often paired with fluffy bangs and curls.

AW/23 Unforecasted Trends

Strawberry Makeup: Having racked up 275.5 million views on TikTok and a 10,000% rise in searches on Pinterest, strawberry makeup is the most significant unpredicted AW/23 trend. Inspired by strawberry-colored cosmetic products and scented SKUs, the trend sees users adding pink and red blush, eyeshadow, and glosses to their makeup routines. The trend surfaced when many creators began adding red elements to their looks but skyrocketed alongside the launch of Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treatment, which was accompanied by Bieber herself posting a strawberry makeup tutorial on TikTok. The video currently has 1.2 million likes and 18.5 million views. Many have taken a liking to the trend, intending to bring it into the autumn months as a way to hold on to summer makeup's bright and fresh feel.

Dark Cherry Red: Correlating with the classic red, orange, and burnt hues of autumn leaves, dark cherry red has become a popular contender for AW/23's trending beauty color. Despite Pantone naming Viva Magenta, a dark red/purple shade, as the color of the year for 2023, it seems  autumn  is becoming the time of year to spotlight this shade. On TikTok, dark cherry red has gained 162 million views, particularly highlighted in hairstylists' content of before and after transformations of client hair color treatments. On Pinterest, searches for dark cherry red hair and nails have both seen a 10,000% increase since last year.

Cowboy Copper Hair: Another color-based trend, cowboy copper hair, is inspired by the caramel tones of classic cowboy leather. The trend has also seen a 10,000% rise in searches on Pinterest and has a current view count of 98.1 million views on TikTok. The shade stands out due to its two-tone effect, with deeper auburn hues on the underlayer of hair and brighter, more ginger shades pulled through as highlights or block colored on the top layer. Many hairstylists are sharing their tips to achieve the look through TikTok tutorials, with a video posted by @hairby_chrissy that suggests the best professional extension combinations to obtain the shade, which currently has 35,900 likes.

Ultimately, while experts and industry professionals can make informed guesses of the upcoming season's trends, whether or not they actually stick and gain traction is dependent on consumers choosing to engage with them and the commitment level they require. At a time where 69% of consumers turn to TikTok to learn about beauty, it is no surprise that the trending looks for AW/23 are taking off on the video-based app—as well as the door opening for new and unpredicted trends to surface. As we enter the autumn months, it will be interesting to keep tabs on the trends that continue to see success and how these are adopted into everyday consumer and professional beauty routines.


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