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TrueAesthetics Launches Nonsurgical Nose Job Devised by a Plastic Surgeon

Published February 2, 2023
Published February 2, 2023

Why would you go under the knife and subject yourself to general anesthesia if you didn’t have to? That’s the question TrueAesthetics asks with the launch of its first product, a nonsurgical nose job.

“Initially it’s temporary and reversible, which is obviously not happening under anesthesia,” Menaka Sampath, CEO of TrueAesthetics, said. “The patient works with Dr. Rivkin [Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Rivkin, who pioneered the nonsurgical nose job] until the desired outcome is perfected using injectables and fillers. The process of injection creates a slimmer-looking nose.”

It may sound counterintuitive, but Sampath said filler injected strategically in the nose—on the bridge, tip of the nose, and elsewhere—creates a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing look. The most common nonsurgical nose job corrects a bump on the bridge of the nose by filling the “radix” area, the highest point of the nose, directly between the eyes. By injecting along the middle of the bridge, for example, a wide nose can look narrower.

“We’re able to treat many kinds of noses,” Sampath said. “We have prospective patients with wide noses, bulbous tips, droopy tips. To be clear, this is an additive treatment. We aren't able to take away any mass from the nose, but we are able to create the illusion of a smaller, perkier, narrower nose. With a strategic injection in the tip of the nose, we can actually bring up a droopy tip.”

You can go from temporary to permanent," Sampath said. The temporary price is $3,000 or as low as $83 a month, and lasts from one to two years. The patient has the option of getting a complimentary touch up after six months. The permanent non surgical nose job is $7,020, but if you purchase it up front or upgrade from temporary to permanent, the cost is $6,000 or as low as $167 a month. TrueNose always starts with the temporary nonsurgical nose job for obvious reasons. “The temporary nonsurgical procedure is attractive because it allows the patient to test-drive a new nose before committing to it,” Sampath said.

A closed rhinoplasty, where the incisions are made inside the nose for less swelling and scarring, may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on the complexity of the procedure and where the surgeon is based, according to

“Our mission is to digitize the medical aesthetic space. We want to make it more accessible, more fun and easier, and less financially daunting."
By Menaka Sampath, CEO, TrueAesthetics

“This is where the ecommerce model comes into play,” Sampath said. TrueAesthetics partnered with Affirm, a service similar to Klarna that allows patients to take up to 36 months to pay for the procedure. TrueNose is targeting Millennials with the pricing and payment options. “Our mission is to digitize the medical aesthetic space. We want to make it more accessible, more fun and easier, and less financially daunting. There’s a lack of transparency now. The business model borrows from ecommerce and being able to offer a different fin-tech structure,” she said. “You take a photo and work with Dr. Rivkin.” The company works with a client’s entire facial structure with the ultimate goal of making them look natural.

TrueAesthetics is located in Los Angeles, the capital of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics. “The nose is our first service,” Sampath said. “It’s a huge point of confidence for people. If we can make a procedure that can save them from going under the knife, why wouldn’t we? Most of the time you have people who are afraid to inquire or even ask about the procedure.”

The injections are intended to accomplish the aesthetics a patient is looking for. The procedure  creates the direct effect or the illusion of what you’re looking for. You have all your consultations prior to the procedure. Rivkin reserves the right to say, “We're not going to move forward with this,” if your expectations are unrealistic.

Rivkin has performed more than 5,000 nonsurgical nose jobs. He's not patenting the procedure. What he’s done is partner with TrueNose, the pilot brand from emerging medical aesthetics company TrueAesthetics. The nose is just the starting point. This year, the company has plans to launch TrueBreast, TrueSculpt for the derriere, TrueSkin, and more. Not all will be filler-based treatments, although TrueAesthetics will place an emphasis on fillers.


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